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MTMTE #38 Recap: Elegant Chaos, Part 3: [Title Redacted]

TF_MTMTE_38_cvrAThe Elegant Chaos arc reaches its end here. Five million years in the past Brainstorm stands before a half-finished Megatron, finger on the trigger, as Rodimus and the others rush to save reality as they know it by saving one of the universe’s greatest tyrants. In the present Megatron, Ultra Magnus, and Perceptor can only stand by and watch as the fate of their entire timeline plays out in the past.

Just what is Brainstorm thinking? Can Rodimus’s team stop him? And is Megatron even worth saving?

Spoilers ahoy!

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More Than Meets The Eye #35 Recap – The Custom-Made Now: An Elegant Chaos Prologue

TF_MTMTE_35_cvrRevealed to be a Decepticon sleeper agent, Brainstorm is now loose in the time stream! But what kind of damage does he intend to do four million years in the past? Just what did he do to everyone at Swerve’s bar? And is Trailbreaker Trailcutter really dead or was that just a particularly graphic JRo fakeout?

But while MTMTE #35 answers all those questions, they aren’t the core of the issue. Just like the last two, this issue is split into the present day story and “Shadowplay”-style flashbacks —  but with a twist. This time we get a tale of Rewind and the Brothers Ambus in a terrible history present that may yet come to pass if Brainstorm isn’t stopped.

Alex Milne is back and Everything Is Fine as we jump into More Than Meets The Eye #35!

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More than Meets the Eye #33 Recap – Morality is shades of grey.

TF_MTMTE_33_cvrI love it when literature makes me think. Whether it’s books, articles, essays, comics or poetry, it is like hitting the gym, only with my brain, challenging me to think and ponder things in new ways. One of the reasons why I like to rank MTMTE extremely high on my list of favorite comics of all time is for this very reason, that besides engaging my emotions, there is always something in every issue which makes me think. This ongoing story line with Autobot Megatron has been particularly stimulating in how it makes me think about morality and good versus bad. And this issue was no exception. Spoilers below!

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TFCC Shows Off Rewind With New Head Sculpt For 2014

TFSSRewindPerhaps not a big surprise to anyone after they showed off the turnarounds for a Nick Roche-designed Chromedome head, the Transformers Collectors’ Club has unveiled another figure planned for the Subscription Service next year: Rewind!

The toy itself is based on the Transformers United Rumble and Frenzy toys, so no massive Deluxe-size Rewind towering over things.

The head sculpt was also designed by Nick Roche, and it’s very loyal to his MTMTE design including a little camera on the side of his helmet.

Sadly Fun Pub seems to be having trouble with their own site today, so if you want more information on this toy it’s off to their Facebook post with ya.