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Iacon Underground Radio – Episode 12 – Everybody Hates Prowl

This week: Sins of the Wreckers returns and we try to guess who will survive the Dying of the Light. Spoilers ahead for SotW #4 and MTMTE #52!

Iacon Underground Radio Network
Iacon Underground Radio – Episode 12 – Everybody Hates Prowl

MTMTE #41 Recap: The Sensuous Frame

TF_MTMTE_41_cvrAlas, I was dealing with Life Stuff last month and couldn’t get a recap together for #40, but I have returned! Okay, so one person on Twitter asked about it, but that’s pretty much all it takes.

The Lost Lights finds the missing Vis Vitalis just in time to learn that its captain Thunderclash, the most obnoxiously good Autobot of all time, is at death’s door! And the crew is invited to the dying hero’s pre-wake! But something here may be —  dun dun DUN! — more than meets the eye!

Spoilers ahoy as we recap MTMTE #41!

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MTMTE #38 Recap: Elegant Chaos, Part 3: [Title Redacted]

TF_MTMTE_38_cvrAThe Elegant Chaos arc reaches its end here. Five million years in the past Brainstorm stands before a half-finished Megatron, finger on the trigger, as Rodimus and the others rush to save reality as they know it by saving one of the universe’s greatest tyrants. In the present Megatron, Ultra Magnus, and Perceptor can only stand by and watch as the fate of their entire timeline plays out in the past.

Just what is Brainstorm thinking? Can Rodimus’s team stop him? And is Megatron even worth saving?

Spoilers ahoy!

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MTMTE #37 Recap: Elegant Chaos, Part 2: STET

TF_MTMTE_37_cvrAIt’s never easy to assess the middle chapter of a story. The potential of a setup is at least somewhat apparent, and a grand conclusion can sweep the audience away, but middle chapters can falter in so many ways that aren’t even apparent until the story reaches that grand conclusion. In the heat of the moment, sometimes you just have to settle for enjoying what is there, especially the character beats, until you can return with the benefit of foresight and do it all over again.

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More Than Meets The Eye #35 Recap – The Custom-Made Now: An Elegant Chaos Prologue

TF_MTMTE_35_cvrRevealed to be a Decepticon sleeper agent, Brainstorm is now loose in the time stream! But what kind of damage does he intend to do four million years in the past? Just what did he do to everyone at Swerve’s bar? And is Trailbreaker Trailcutter really dead or was that just a particularly graphic JRo fakeout?

But while MTMTE #35 answers all those questions, they aren’t the core of the issue. Just like the last two, this issue is split into the present day story and “Shadowplay”-style flashbacks —  but with a twist. This time we get a tale of Rewind and the Brothers Ambus in a terrible history present that may yet come to pass if Brainstorm isn’t stopped.

Alex Milne is back and Everything Is Fine as we jump into More Than Meets The Eye #35!

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More than Meets the Eye #30 Recap – How do you solve a problem like Megatron?

TF_MTMTE_30_cvrSUBThere’s a saying…In a lot of different languages that something that’s good is well worth waiting for. With this latest issue of More Than Meets the Eye; I was starting to doubt that. With over a month to wait for the resolution to the cliffhanger and story hooks from last issue, I was going a little loopy. Well, the wait is finally over and here is the promised end to the first mini arc, where we would finally find out how Megatron ended up where he is right now and let me tell you, it’s made me like the character in a way I did not think possible.

Spoilers ahoy!

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Review: More Than Meets the Eye #21 (Spoilers after the break.)

TF_MTMTE_21_cvrBSo we finally reach the end of the storyline “Remain in Light”, as well as the end of what has been referred to as Season One of More than Meets the Eye. It’s time to tie up the dangling storylines and plot points that remain in a nice bow, so we can move on into the future, first into Dark Cybertron and then onward into Season Two. A bit after the last issue Roberts dropped terrifying teasing lines that urged us to say goodbye to some of the old crewmembers of the Lost Light and welcome newbies that would replace them. With the cliffhanger from last issue, that statement filled me with nothing but dread.

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Amazon Updates With Official Pics of Generations Deluxes

SkidsPackagedAmazon.com has updated their listings for the upcoming Deluxe toys of Skids, Goldfire, Waspinator, and Dreadwing from the Generations line to include official pictures! Each toy’s listing now shows the figure in package, in robot mode with the exclusive pack-in comic cover, and in vehicle mode. They also include what is most likely the package copy for each toy, which show a closer adherence to the IDW storyline than the blurbs we’ve had in this series so far: Skids’ mentions his amnesia, Goldfire’s mentions his struggle to lead a collapsing Cybertron, Waspinator’s mentions his time displacement, and Dreadwing’s… hints at some recent spoilers. No mention yet of what comics those new covers will be covering, though.

Click the links above to see more, including Dreadwing’s Generation 2-style Decepticon symbol and Skids’ Alex Milne nose!

Review: More Than Meets The Eye #20 [Spoilers]

TF_MTMTE_20_cvrAJames Roberts. The man giveth with one hand, and then taketh away with the other.

Over the course of its run, More than Meets The Eye has offered us plenty of mysteries and tantalizing hints, some of which were answered early on and others that have remained, to tease and tickle our imaginations.  As some mysteries got their explanation, new ones were planted for future story lines. In this issue we are offered the resolution to one of the mysteries that has been around since the very beginning of this comic’s run:

What’s the deal with Skids and his memories?

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