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WTFMarvel? – Simon Furman & Jose Delbo’s Brute Force Returns!

Deadpool-Bi-Annual-001-674x1024-2f5c5Comic Book Resources just dropped the news that an upcoming Deadpool special will feature the little-know Marvel characters Brute Force! Why am I posting this on a Transformers site? Because Brute Force, a book that got a whopping four issues out of its initial 4-issue limited series, a toy comic with no actual toy to tie in to, was created (at least in part) by Bob Budiansky, written by Simon Furman, and drawn by Jose Delbo.

In the last days of the 80s, with Transformers and G.I. Joe winding down, Marvel decided they wanted to put some of that talent they’d used to create characters and storylines for Hasbro into making their own “toyetic” IP that they could then license to a toy company. Brute Force was the result.

Back in 2012 I spoke to Furman about the series over on the comic retrospective blog 80 Page Giant (Where I also do a podcast!), and honestly that alone may be the most extensive information on the series you’ll ever find. Go take a look at that, then click over to the CBR article on the Deadpool special and see what plans they have now for the Marvel-owned toyline that never was!

Review: ReGeneration One #0 [Spoilers]

TF-REGEN_00_CVR_BWith Unicron killed and the Matrix spent, the universe as we know it has become unbalanced. Can a trip through time and space by Hot Rod set things right?

The big draw of the one-off ReGeneration One #0 is the assortment of artists assembled to send Hot Rod on his journey: Casey Coller, Geoff Senior, Jeff Anderson, Jose Delbo, Nick Roche, and Stephen Baskerville all contribute to make this issue a journey through the past in not just a narrative sense but a metafictional one as well. But is this one-off issue a must-have?

Spoiler warning: Yes.

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