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WTFHasbro? – Knights of Unicron Set Is Most 80s Thing Ever

What’s the most 80s thing you can imagine? If you said Transformers dressed up as a glam metal band, Hasbro is right there with you. According to ETOnline (for some reason), Hasbro’s big Transformers San Diego Comic-Con set is called Knights of Cybertron, and it features Optimus Prime, Megatron, Jazz, and Soundwave (all based on the FoC Deluxes) with wild hair, zebra print scarfs, and bright-colored fringe. The set also pulls out the Laserbeak and Ratbat guitar and keytar molds from Transformers Animated and includes toy-scaled microphones.

Hey, at least it’s not based on a Robot Chicken sketch.

Rock on over to their site for pictures of the full set in all their 80s glory.

WTFTakaraTomy? – A Transformers/Evangelion Crossover For Some Reason

TFEvaWHYYYYYYYYTakaraTomy has strange ideas for Transformers. While Hasbro is putting together award-winning TV shows and working with Hollywood studios, TakaraTomy is…making toy sneakers and caps that turn into Optimus Prime.

And sometimes they do strange, inexplicable crossovers, like toys that change from iconic Transformers vehicle modes into Disney characters. And then there’s this: Crossing Transformers with the influential, deeply psychological 90s anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Like a fanfic on a GeoCities site circa 1999, the Autobots are teaming up with NERV to take down a Starscream-possessed Angel Sachiel. Why? Because TakaraTomy is doing a limited-release Masterpiece Optimus Prime in Unit 01 purple and green, which is already bad enough without having to fanfic things up. At least it’s limited to 1000 pieces.

You can check out the official page for the crossover here, though I think even Google Translate will be hard-pressed to make any of it actually make any sense. I’ll be off in a corner being appalled on behalf of Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno.

Linkin Park Soundwave Now Available Online

LinkinParkSoundwaveIf you like your toys to shatter into a cloud of golden glitter after a decade in storage, then this news is for you: The limited edition Linkin Park Soundwave, complete with matching Ravage, Lazerbeak, Buzzsaw, and Ratbat, is now available in LA-based SURU’s online store for a mere $150.

Based on the original G1 Soundwave mold, the special Linkin Park Soundwave is made almost entirely from gold plastic with a few gold chrome accents and is ready to use weaponized rap rock against all who oppose Megatron’s rule. Can you get $150 of enjoyment out of this toy before the plastic completely disintegrates?


There’s been some chatter lately about the technologically challenged folks in charge of the Transformers Collector’s Club suggesting people email their credit card information to them if it needs to be updated for the subscription service but their club membership is lapsed. “IF you email this information,” the site says, “please break it up into 2 emails so that all of the data does not travel together.”

No. No no no no no no no.

Please. Don’t email them your credit card information. Do not email ANYONE your credit card info. It doesn’t matter if “the data does not travel together” or not, it winds up at the same destination and sits there waiting for someone to hack the email account. The fact that they’ve posted this suggestion with the email address in question makes it almost certain someone has hacked the account by now; it’s an open invitation!

So this is just a reminder, if you haven’t heard about it from anyone else yet: Don’t do it. Yes, I know they said you should. They don’t know what they’re talking about. If you’ve gotta have the toys that bad and your club subscription has lapsed, just take the time to call them.