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WTFHasbro? – Knights of Unicron Set Is Most 80s Thing Ever

What’s the most 80s thing you can imagine? If you said Transformers dressed up as a glam metal band, Hasbro is right there with you. According to ETOnline (for some reason), Hasbro’s big Transformers San Diego Comic-Con set is called Knights of Cybertron, and it features Optimus Prime, Megatron, Jazz, and Soundwave (all based on the FoC Deluxes) with wild hair, zebra print scarfs, and bright-colored fringe. The set also pulls out the Laserbeak and Ratbat guitar and keytar molds from Transformers Animated and includes toy-scaled microphones.

Hey, at least it’s not based on a Robot Chicken sketch.

Rock on over to their site for pictures of the full set in all their 80s glory.