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Wiki Wednesday: Maccadam’s Old Oil House

It’s New Year’s Day, and for many people that means it’s time to face the day with a blinding hangover. In honor of the season, let’s take a look at Cybertron’s favorite place to get plastered:

Situated over at sub-level six on Cybertron‘s lower-east quadrant, or just east of the High Council Pavilions in Iacon, is one of Cybertron‘s most renowned enterprises:Maccadam’s Old Oil House—the biggest single source of black market fuel on the entire planet. Its main attraction, beyond the excellent service, exceptionally pure oil and general selection of fuel, is that the proprietors make no distinction between AutobotsNeutralists and Decepticons. If you can pay, you can stay.

Wiki Wednesday 12/25/13

I emerge from deep within the trenches of the War on Christmas to give you another look deep into the treasure of the Transformers fandom and the envy of every other, the TFWiki! I’m afraid I’ve been too busy tossing Yule Log grenades and Solstice shurikens to come up with anything too clever this week, so let’s just pull up a nice cup of hot apple cider and read about how the magic of Christmas has affected our favorite robots and their friends!

Wiki Wednesday 12/18/13

With the fifth installment of IDW’s Dark Cybertron storyline out today, a certain Autobot detective has returned from the dead and gone straight into the spotlight. But what makes Nightbeat so popular, so enduring that he’s being brought back from the dead and possibly joining up with the regular cast of one of the ongoing comics? Is it his Bogart-esque charm? His Holmes-esque habit of deducing everything from the smallest of details? Or is it because…

Generation 1 Nightbeat is often seen wearing a trenchcoat and fedora, due to their connection with detective fiction. He pulls it off pretty well, actually.

That’s right, this week’s featured article is Transformer Clothing!