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More Than Meets The Eye #32 Recap – Here there be monsters

TF_MTMTE_32_cvrAI have a long standing love/hate relationship with horror and splatter films, particularly the ones from the 80s. Though they near always result in bad sleep and nightmares, I still watch them, coming back for that surge of adrenaline and the feeling like your heart is about to leap from your chest (and there is something to be said for watching them with someone who doesn’t mind if you cling to them in your fright).

With all the hints about this upcoming issue that trickled down to me via friends and social media I knew I was in for something more than just “a hit to the feels”. With my reptile brain fully engaged, heart beating in my chest I made the dubious decision to sit down and read this issue late at night. And yea beware, for below there be monsters (and spoilers).

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Wiki Wednesday 12/18/13

With the fifth installment of IDW’s Dark Cybertron storyline out today, a certain Autobot detective has returned from the dead and gone straight into the spotlight. But what makes Nightbeat so popular, so enduring that he’s being brought back from the dead and possibly joining up with the regular cast of one of the ongoing comics? Is it his Bogart-esque charm? His Holmes-esque habit of deducing everything from the smallest of details? Or is it because…

Generation 1 Nightbeat is often seen wearing a trenchcoat and fedora, due to their connection with detective fiction. He pulls it off pretty well, actually.

That’s right, this week’s featured article is Transformer Clothing!