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Generic Spotlight: Cybertronian Pompadours

G2-Ish04Generic G2-Ish10Generic

Penciler Manny Galan may not have been a very polished artist when he worked on the Transformers: Generation 2 comic, but the man knew how to have fun with his generics. However, we must face the fact that his work only exposes the distinct lack of rockabilly throughout the rest of the Transformers multiverse.

Scans from “Devices and Desires!” and “Total War!“, originally printed in Transformers: Generation 2 #4 and .

Amazon Japan Reveals High-Res Pics of G2 Masterpiece Sideswipe

G2Sideswipe1In their listing for the toy, Amazon Japan has posted some very clear, high-resolution pictures of the upcoming G2 version of Masterpiece Sideswipe. These photos are of a handpainted prototype of the toy, but they show him with his signature giant stubby guns, spiked tires, machete-sword, and best of all giant freaking sneer from Derek Yaniger‘s art in the Transformers: Generation 2 comic book.

More pictures of the toy, including his vehicle mode with both comic-based and toy-based stickers, can be found on Amazon Japan.





Comic scan courtesy TFWiki.net