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Stasis Pod Episode 80: Attack From Outer Space

After Beast Machines, Hasbro took a break from cartoon production and imported Takara’s Car Robots under the name Robots in Disguise. But only a couple episodes into the show’s American run on Fox Kids, something happened that lowered the American viewing public’s appetite for casual urban destruction. Many episodes had to be edited; a few had to be pulled from airing entirely, though they later saw release on DVD in the UK.

This week we watch one of the latter.

The Decepticons replace a human space shuttle with their own Movor in hopes that a spy in Earth orbit will be able to find the Autobot’s secret base. But the Autobots he finds are too busy doing other things to be much help! Will he be able to fulfill his duty? Is it still too soon for that much casual urban destruction? And do any of us believe that the replaced astronauts are totally safe? Join us this week for some ani-mayhem with the original Robots in Disguise episode, “Attack From Outer Space”

We want to hear your questions! Email us at stasispod@iaconunderground.net and we might answer them on the show!

Stasis Pod
Stasis Pod Episode 80: Attack From Outer Space