Stasis Pod Episode 83: Titans

After the Energon cartoon, Hasbro and Takara decided they needed to put at least a little effort into the next one. By enlisting the anime studio Gonzo and actually giving the translators time to work, Transformers: Cybertron was… well, at the very least, better than the two shows that came before it. With far better CG robots, some genuinely charming characters, and a story that at the very least had clear cause-and-effect, Cybertron was actually pretty likable.

Except for that incredibly boring Speed Planet arc.

Fortunately, we’re skipping right past that part this week! We come in with the Autobots in possession of three of the four Cyber Planet Keys, Bud, Jolt, and Reverb stuck with the Decepticons on the Atlantis, and everyone rushing to find the last Cybertronian colony, Gigantron! But with a black hole threatening Primus, can Optimus Prime use the Matrix to power him up without the final key? Has Thunderblast gotten any more bearable with time? And could Starscream just maybe not jump in front of something that’ll make him a planet-sized monster for a change? Join us this week as we return to “Titans”!

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Stasis Pod Episode 83: Titans

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