Stasis Pod Episode 82: Imprisoned Inferno

Following Armada’s amazing toy sales, Hasbro and Takara apparently decided lackluster animation and even worse translation were just fine, because that seems to have been the attitude behind the Transformers: Energon TV series. With a confusing plot, stilted CG robots, and translations errors on par with Generation 1’s animation errors, Energon quickly established itself as no one’s favorite Transformers cartoon.

We’re still gonna watch an episode, though. In fact, we’re going to watch an episode that in many ways embodies the series, an episode that didn’t even get a spell-check on the title: Improsoned Imprisoned Inferno!

As Kicker Kicker our planets Kicker! and Misha explore a new planet that’s teeming with life and Energon, Inferno holds watch over Shockblast on the desolate Iron Planet. But when Megatron sets his sights on corrupting the stoic sniper, will Inferno be able to resist? Why does the animation suddenly get so much better in Act 3? And did Cliffjumper and Downshift really just refer to each other by their own names!? Join us as we answer some of these questions and fail to answer others while watching Improsoned Imprisoned Inferno!

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Stasis Pod Episode 82: Imprisoned Inferno

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