Stasis Pod Episode 81: Chase

With anime the “cool new thing the kids are into”, 2002 saw the first Transformers toyline and TV show jointly developed by Hasbro and Takara for both markets: Armada. And while the toys were exciting and innovative, the show was… less so.

With the Autobots out fighting screaming dramatically at the Decepticons, Alexis, Rad, and Carlos find the base’s computer being hacked by infected with possessed by Sideways! Soon they’re pulled into “cyberspace” with their Mini-Con partners, where they get a glimpse of Cybertron, fight Sideways, and end up chased by an awfully familiar-looking evil planet! Will they ever find their way out? Did anyone working in cartoons in 2002 know anything about computers? And just what were the animators smoking? Join us this week for an episode of Transformers: Armada–Chase!

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Stasis Pod Episode 81: Chase

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