Stasis Pod Episode 22: The Low Road

We’re finally there. One of the most memorable single episodes of Beast Wars, penned by co-series editor Bob Forward himself. An episode that’s been heavily debated by the fandom through the years, possibly the most decisive of the entire series. An episode that climaxes with…a fart joke.

That’s right, listeners, it’s time for The Low Road!

During a Predacon attack, Rhinox is infected with a virus that makes his body explosively expel Energon. Can the Maximals get the antidote before Rhinox depletes himself or destroys the base? Or is the best option to just…turn the other cheek? Join us as we decide whether this full-on humor episode is better or worse now that we’re all nearly 20 years older, Jen gets a new favorite ship, and we all learn why beans are, indeed, the musical fruit.

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Stasis Pod Episode 22: The Low Road

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