Stasis Pod Episode 103: Coop D’Etat

For our between-seasons special, we take a look at another great battle between giant robots voiced by Peter Cullen and Frank Welker — in an episode of the mid-’00s love letter to all things robots, superheroes, and anime, Megas XLR! After accidentally destroying a robotic alien society’s sacred monument, Coop, Jamie, and Kiva become prime targets! Can they escape an army of ’70s-anime-inspired robots out for vengeance? Will immature misogynists ever be harmlessly funny again? And whatever happened to this show, anyway? Join us this week for the Megas XLR season 1 finale, “Coop D’Etat”!

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Iacon Underground Radio Network
Iacon Underground Radio Network
Stasis Pod Episode 103: Coop D'Etat

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