IDW Presents the Humble Transformers Bundle!

Humble Transformers BundleIDW has teamed up with the folks at Humble Bundle – which sells bundles of games, books, and other digital content at a heavy discount to support various charities – to offer the Humble Transformers Bundle! You can pay whatever you want to pick up the first four volumes of the Transformers Classics collection. If you choose to pay more than the current average (at $10.16 as of this posting) you also get All Hail Megatron 1-4, Autocracy, and Spotlight Vol. 1 with a promise of other books to be added soon, and if you pay $15 or more you get all of that plus More Than Meets The Eye and Robots in Disguise Vols. 1 & 2! This is DRM-free, multi-platform, and can be sent as a gift, so it you’ve purchased all these already you can still help out by buying them for that friend who NEEDS to read more Transformers comics!


The bundle will only be available for two weeks, so head over there and pick up some great comics for charity!