Preview ‘n Review: More Than Meets the Eye #20 [Spoiler Free]

TF_MTMTE_20_cvrBHold on tight, guys: We’ve reached the penultimate issue of More Than Meets The Eye‘s “Season 1” ender Remain In Light, and the plot’s not gonna slow down for laggards! Unlike Getaway and his playful “bomp”s, this issue pulls no punches, and the end left me slack-jawed, shell-shocked, and envying people who wait for the trades and don’t have to go a full month between issues.

The bulk of the issue focuses on revealing one of the mysteries that’s been in the background of the story for most of the series’ run: What was Skids doing before he showed up, what happened to his memories, what’s the deal with that gun he keeps forgetting he’s holding, and why is he being chased by giant robots accusing him of “thought crimes”?

Most of this information is delivered by Getaway, who puts me in mind of the words of John Hammond from Jurassic Park: “He suffers from a deplorable excess of personality”. Not to say I didn’t find him charming, but he certainly jumps right up and makes himself known. I fully expect the Tumblr tag to explode with fanart of him by lunchtime tomorrow.

But Getaway’s charm is the yeast that leavens the bread here. James Roberts has gotten a reputation for killing beloved characters, but he’s also gotten a reputation for cliffhangers that make a character seem dead when they’re really not (see also: Rung). I don’t think the latter part is going to last much longer, but the former seems to be more and more deserved.

At the end of MTMTE #20, I felt a lot like I did at the end of #14: I am dreading the next issue and at the same time I need desperately to read it, to know what comes next and how many of my fears will be realized. I found myself trawling future issue solicits for mention of characters to assure myself that someone will make it out alive. And I found myself needing it to be tomorrow so you all can feel my pain.

Speaking of tomorrow, we’ll be posting a spoiler-filled review of this issue by Windchaser once the comic is available, so join us then for more discussion, commiseration, tears, and FEELS!

If you haven’t already caught it elsewhere on the internet, we have the preview right here, but remember…

The full preview to MTMTE 20 is out. It’s your call, but I’d rather you wait til Wednesday – MASSIVE spoilers within.

– James Roberts (@jroberts332) August 24, 2013

You don’t wanna make him sad, do you?