Stasis Pod Episode #313: Kidd Video: “The Pink Sphinx”

Before we head back to Griffin Rock, it’s time for a little side trip to the Flipside! That’s right, it’s finally time for KIDD VIDEO! When the band ends up in a town with a mysterious Pink Sphinx that wakes up to grant a single wish once a year, Whiz is intent on using it to get home — and if Kidd, Carla, and Ash are too busy awkwardly breakdancing to come with him, he’ll just go alone! Will the Copy Cats interfere and steal the wish for their boss Master Blaster? Is the band actually a polycule? What genuinely popular songs were used in the episode, guaranteeing it could never get a proper home video release? And do any of these kids still have careers? Join us this week for “The Pink Sphinx”!

Stasis Pod
Stasis Pod
Stasis Pod Episode #313: Kidd Video: "The Pink Sphinx"