Stasis Pod Episode #290: Visionaries: “The Age of Magic Begins”

Before we race ahead to the next season of Robots in Disguise, we’re taking a detour back to 1987 with a lesser-known Hasbro series, Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light! When a catastrophic solar alignment causes all the technology on the world of Prysmos to stop working, humanity falls into a new dark age — until the mysterious wizard Merklynn offers to teach magic to any bold enough to brave the path to his mountain shrine! Will the heroic Leoric be able to bring this new hope back to the city of New Valarak, or will the evil warlord Darkstorm get it first? Or will they BOTH get it because Merklynn is actually a Chaotic Neutral asshole? How many new characters can we fit into a roll call? Why does this show look so GOOD? And… why a MOLLUSK? Join us this week for the first episode of Visionaries, “The Age of Magic Begins”!

Stasis Pod
Stasis Pod
Stasis Pod Episode #290: Visionaries: "The Age of Magic Begins"