Stasis Pod Episode #263: The Bots Master: “Enter the Ninjzz”

We’re saying goodbye to the Bee Team for a bit, but before we check back in on the Autobots of Griffin Rock, we’re taking a little diversion to 1993, where bright colors, questionable names, and tortured acronyms rule! After his employers at RM Corp start using his inventions for evil, teenage robotics genius Ziv Zulander goes underground to fight against his old boss with his homemade BOYZZ — and this time it’s up to his newest invention, Ninjzz, to save him when he’s captured by Dr. Hiss and Lady Frenzy! How many Beast Wars alums can we spot in the cast? Was “Nin-jizz” as bad a name in 1993 as it is now? What robot from this series had an even more unfortunate name? And how much time will we actually spend talking about the movie “Zulander”? Join us this week for The Bots Master’s “Enter the Ninjzz”!

Stasis Pod
Stasis Pod
Stasis Pod Episode #263: The Bots Master: "Enter the Ninjzz"