About Us

ShortpackedMeAt some point, once we have more contributors, I wanna make this a MTMTE-style cast page.


For now it’s just kind of a placeholder.

This site is meant to be an alternative to the Transformers fansites that focus on News News News at the expense of any sort of fun or spirit or only really exist to be a landing page for a forum (though we do have a forum too). We intend to run news articles if we have something of value to say in them, but just as much we intend to run essays, reviews, and interesting bits of trivia. The focus is more on the fandom and less on the toy news obsession. We don’t need to break all the news first, but when we do break it we’ll do so in a way that’s worth reading.

The site as a whole is still very much under construction and will be changing for the next several weeks (at the least – I’m terrible at leaving well enough alone), so keep checking in on us and watch us grow. And do join the forums. If what we’re doing here speaks to you, we want to hear you speak up as well! If you’re interested in contributing, you can contact me at trixter@iaconunderground.net.


Comment Policy:

This site’s hosting bill is paid by a lesbian pagan, so yeah, I lean toward the Social Justice Warrior side of things (I like to think of myself as a Social Justice Death Knight) and won’t approve anything with bigoted language. That said, I’m not terribly keen on call-out culture either – that pointless, energy-wasting obsession with aggressively policing fellow progressives rather than, say, people who are actually horribly and deeply wrong – so I’m not likely to approve posts that exist only to accuse our staff of internalized whatever either.