Introducing Stasis Pod: The Beast Wars Podcast!

We here at Iacon Underground do like things other than just More Than Meets The Eye. Every Wednesday, four of us – Trixter (Jen), awa64 (Alex), strangefour (David), and Rob – are getting together for a new podcast that discusses every episode of the groundbreaking Beast Wars TV series!

In Episode 00 we discus where Transformers as a franchise was in the waning days of Generation 2 (spoilers: in the gutter) and where we all were when everything changed from Trukk to Munky. In Episode 01 we take a look at the first part of the pilot episode on the anniversary of its first syndicated airing. How well has the show aged? How did the fandom react to it? What fun production trivia does Trix remember from long-ago BotCons? Just how awesome can Rob’s voice be? Listen on to find out, and drop back by every Wednesday as we discuss a new episode!

Stasis Pod Episode 00: Before the Beast Wars

Stasis Pod Episode 01: Beast Wars Part 1

Show Notes:

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Introducing Stasis Pod: The Beast Wars Podcast!