Trans4mers News Roundup!

TRANSFORMERS-AGE-EXTINCTIONWe here at Iacon Underground aren’t prone to salivating over the live-action Transformers movies, but with a steaming pile of news having just been plopped on the internet about Transformers 4 (sadly not officially “Trans4mers”, though you’ll never stop people from calling it that) it’s worth a quick wrap-up.

First off, the name: The fourth installment of the movie franchise will be called Transformers: Age of Extinction. So no big departure from the series’ history of obtuse subtitles there.

The extinction of what, you may ask? After a week of rumors, leaks, and reports from the set, Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura has confirmed that the Dinobots will finally be making an appearance this time. Considering they’ve been rumored for every Transformers movie since the first one, I’m surprised it took this long for someone out there to notice how much pop culture as a whole loves them.

There’s also a continuing focus on China as shooting continues, with more US locations covered in Chinese signs and di Bonaventura confirming the Dinobots to the Beijing News as well as reassuring them that “The world’s coolest, most exciting cars will appear in the film, including Chinese vehicles…”. Is Transformers: Age of Extinction following the current American action movie trend of pandering to overseas audiences?

And Transformers: Age of Extinction is still aiming for a June 27th, 2014 release. Mark those calendars! – but mark ’em in pencil.