Death’s Head Makes His HeroClix Debut

DeathsHeadHeroclixGame Trade Magazine has images from the upcoming Invincible Iron Man HeroClix set, and as some had theorized (well, me and my roommate, at the very least) the set will include Death’s Head!

WizKids Games, makers of HeroClix, ran a poll last year to let fans choose an upcoming character and Death’s Head beat out characters like Silver Sable, Hellcat, and Annihilus to become a HeroClix mini. The Freelance Peacekeeping Agent has been a thorn in Iron Man’s side lately thanks to British writer Kieron Gillen, who like so many of his generation in the UK grew up with Marvel UK’s Transformers comics, so it makes all kinds of sense to include him in this set.

The only downside is Death’s Head here is in his lowly human-sized form, forced on him by the Seventh Doctor, so no 30-foot DH HeroClix action for us. Still, it’s a great figure, yes?

One thought on “Death’s Head Makes His HeroClix Debut

  1. Congratulations to WizKids games on their Death’s Head HeroClix and what an excellent choice of reference material! That’s top UK artist Simon Williams’ title page and back cover illustration from Panini UK’s Death’s Head volume 2 Marvel graphic novel.

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