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Stasis Pod Episode 135: Darkness Rising, Pt. 1

This week we jump into the epic five-parter that started it… well, started Transformers Prime, at least. The Autobots’ patrol on Earth heats up as Cliffjumper runs straight into trouble and Arcee’s cover is blown. Can the Autobots protect their secret and the human kids who now know it? What kind of tone is set for this new series? And can you smell what Cliffjumper is cooking? Join us this week for Darkness Rising, Part 1!

Stasis Pod Episode 134: A Prime Primer

Before we jump into Transformers Prime, this week we discuss the setting in which the series was released. What connection does Prime have to the live-action movies? What show that spawned a notorious fandom launched alongside it? And what was the deal with the Hub anyway? Join us this week for a pre-show primer on Transformers Prime!

TF Prime: Season 3 now on Netflix!

The title pretty much says it all. I don’t have The Hub anymore, so I haven’t seen any of this season. Therefore, anyone who spoils it in the comments will be fed to the Sharkticons. I’m blocking out some time to binge-watch the season on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I do hope you all will join …

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TFCC Reveals Second Subscription Figure For 2014

The Transformers Collectors’ Club has just revealed the second of their 2014 Subscription Service toys: Barricade, based on the Beast Hunters Prowl mold! A mock-up of the toy has been posted over on their site for the toy reveal, including a vehicle mode. This is, understandably enough, not one of the TFSS toys getting a …

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Bot Shots Website Gives Us Another New Lady Predacon!

  So the official Transformers: Bot Shots website updated, and the biggest surprise is a redeco of Stormrazor Skystalker named Buzzclaw – who is not only an obvious homage to the Beast Wars Fuzor of the same name, but a brand-new female Transformer! Well… “brand new,” it turns out. Her character bio is in fact Transformers …

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Roberto Orci Says Some Vague Things About The Next, More “Kid-Friendly” Show

Over on IGN, Roberto Orci confirmed in an interview that he and Alex Kurtzman will be staying with the cartoon wing of the Transformers franchise, continuing on as executive producers on the as-yet-unnamed (at least publicly) new cartoon along with much of the rest of the Prime crew. Something that’s sure to raise a lot …

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Featured Discusson: So What’s Next?

Are we seeing the end of the Aligned universe already? What does it mean that Transformers Prime has finished without another show on the horizon? Come on over to the forums for wild rumors and baseless speculation in this week’s Featured Discussion!