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Stasis Pod Episode 168: Loose Cannons

DreadWING is punishING, his Gatling gun is ILLIN’! Also Wheeljack is there and he and Bulkhead are super gay. Join us this week for “Loose Cannons”! We want to hear your questions! Email us at stasispod@iaconunderground.net and we might answer them on the show!

Stasis Pod Episode 167: Operation Bumblebee, Part 2

With Bumblebee unable to transform, Ratchet offers up his own T-cog for a transplant — but who’ll do the surgery when the doctor is the patient? Who’ll take care of a new relic unearthed by Knock Out and Breakdown just as the procedure’s getting under way? And was it really a great idea for Starscream to team up with a bunch of organ thieves? Join us this week for the second part of “Operation Bumblebee”!

Stasis Pod Episode 165: Orion Pax, Part 3

Arcee and Jack face off against a (relatively) giant Insecticon as they make their way to Vector Sigma, but that’s not the only creepy crawly waiting for them! Orion Pax has an “Are we the baddies?” moment aboard the Nemesis!  Can Jack retrieve Prime’s cloud backup before Megatron finishes off the Autobots waiting back on Earth? Join us this week for “Orion Pax, Part 3”!

Stasis Pod Episode 164: Orion Pax, Part 2

The surprise appearance of the allegedly dead Starscream starts Orion Pax questioning whether Megatron is being entirely honest with him. Can the Autobots rescue him before Megatron decides he’s outlived his usefulness? Who is that “Optimus Prime” in the Decepticon database? Why does Agent Fowler have access to a teenager-sized spacesuit? Join us this week for “Orion Pax, Part 2”!

Stasis Pod Episode 163: Orion Pax, Part 1

With all of Optimus’s post-Priming memories lost, Megatron convinces his old buddy Orion Pax to join him on the Nemesis. But what can a naive librarian do to help the Decepticon cause? Can the Autobots rescue their leader before the other Decepticons decide to just murder him? Will Arcee forever cockblock Jack? Join us this week for the first episode of Prime’s second season, “Orion Pax, Part 1”!

Stasis Pod Episode 161: One Shall Rise, Part 3

The rising reaches its peak! Can this Optimus Prime light Earth’s darkest hour? Or will Unicron-shaped rocks fall, everyone dies? Join us this week for the final part of the Transformers Prime season 1 finale, “One Shall Rise”!

Stasis Pod Episode 160: One Shall Rise, Part 2

Unicron has awakened! But can the Autobots stop him from destroying all life on Earth without destroying it themselves? How well will Megatron take being snubbed by the Chaos Bringer? Is this the most dangerous rocks have been since Beast Wars? Join us this week for the second part of the season 1 finale, “One Shall Rise”!

Stasis Pod Episode 159: One Shall Rise, Part 1

The Autobots rescue Prime from his heavy metal album cover smackdown with Megatron, but can they save themselves from the wrath of June Darby? And just why is all this “blood of Unicron” on Earth, anyway? Will Unicron welcome Megatron as his new herald? Tornadoes: How do they work? Join us this week for the first part of “One Shall Rise”!

Stasis Pod Episode 158: One Shall Fall

We’re closing in on the end of the first season, and that means it’s time for the metaplot to kick into overdrive! Both Prime and Megatron realize a prophesied celestial alignment is nearly at hand — and Megatron is determined to make that doomsday happen! How many quotes from Transformers: The Movie will it take to stop him? How easy is it to hack into a WordPress site? And how metal-album-cover can a Prime/Megs fight get? Join us this week when “One Shall Fall”!

Stasis Pod Episode 157: Stronger, Faster

…more alive! Ratchet tests a new synthetic energon and turns himself into the Autobots’ new ultimate warrior! But can the Autobots get him in check before his newfound aggression gets him in trouble? How does he suddenly know martial arts? How much fun did Jeffrey Combs have making this episode? How long will we digress into talking about early 90s techno? Join us this week for “Stronger, Faster”!