Tag: Transformers Prime

Stasis Pod Episode 154: Rock Bottom

Rocks fall, everyone dies.

Okay, not really. But when Arcee, Bulkhead, Jack, and Miko get trapped in a mine cave-in with Megatron and Starscream, can they dig their way out without getting killed? How has Miko survived this long? And how many title drops can they get in? Join us this week for “Rock Bottom”!

Stasis Pod Episode 153: Metal Attraction

Bulkhead and Arcee are sent after a recently-unearthed MacGuffin, but not only is Breakdown after it, Airachnid wants it too! But will this “polarity gauntlet” turn out to be more trouble than it’s worth? Is Jack’s mom seriously trying to flirt with Optimus? And just how satisfying is it to have Gina Torres’s character beating up on Adam Baldwin’s? (Very.) Join us this week for “Metal Attraction”!

Stasis Pod Episode 152: Crisscross

When Airachnid teams up with MECH to get revenge on Arcee and Jack, just how low are they willing to go? Turning a child over to a sadistic alien robot low? Kidnapping moms low? Can Arcee and Jack escape with their lives — and Jack’s mom? Will this episode make you jump, jump? Join us this week for “Crisscross”!

Stasis Pod Episode 151: Operation Breakdown

When MECH captures Breakdown, it’s not his fellow Decepticons who come to the rescue — it’s the Autobots! Can they get him out before MECH cracks him open for the sweet, sweet alien tech inside? Is Miko just the single worst influence ever? How many humans did Bulkhead just kill? Join us this week for robot body horror as we watch “Operation Breakdown”!

Stasis Pod Episode 150: Shadowzone

A GroundBridge accident leaves the kids in a dimensional shift — and they’re not alone! Can they keep from being caught by the zombie Skyquake long enough for the Autobots to find them and bring them back? Is it some kind of pocket dimension that’s like a freaky circle, or are the kids just terrible at directions? And can the whole Megatron/Starscream thing get any kinkier? Join us this week for “Shadowzone”!

Stasis Pod Episode 149: Out Of His Head

Megatron has managed to escape from his own comatose body by hitching a ride in Bumblebee! Will the rest of the Autobots catch on before he returns to the Nemesis to resurrect himself? Is he even going to try to fit in? Can we at least get some angry, evil beeps first? And what G1 nonsense is Starscream up to while all this is going on? Join us this week for “Out Of His Head”!

Stasis Pod Episode 148: Sick Mind

Remember that metaplot about Megatron being inside Bumblebee’s head? We didn’t! How did that happen again? Join us this week for “Sick Mind”!

Stasis Pod Episode 147: Predatory

A crashed Decepticon ship brings Arcee face to face with some demons from her past — specifically, the sadistic Airachnid! Can she overcome her trauma and save Jack from becoming another of the Decepticon’s trophies? Can Jack prove he’s not a liability? Will Cliffjumper ever get a speaking role again? Whose kink is 100% this episode? Join us this week as we get all webbed up for “Predatory”!

Stasis Pod Episode 146: Speed Metal

When a classmate goads Jack into joining a late-night drag race with Bumblebee in tow, they discover Bee isn’t the only Cybertronian there — Knock Out’s racing too! Can they escape the Decepticon without blowing the Autobots’ cover? What’s the most insulting thing you can call a motorcycle? And who’s going to need a buffing when the smoke clears? Join us this week for “Speed Metal”!

Stasis Pod Episode 145: Deus Ex Machina

The Autobots locate a clue to a hidden Cybertronian artifact in Greece, but a new pair of Decepticons are after it too! Can the kids help the Autobots steal the Energon Harvester from a conveniently located museum before Knock Out and Breakdown get to it? Why does that museum even have a genuine ancient Greek statue? Why did Starscream bring these two on board? What character being sexualized is a step too far even for our resident shipper? Join us this week for “Deus Ex Machina”!