Tag: Transformers Prime

Stasis Pod Episode 161: One Shall Rise, Part 3

The rising reaches its peak! Can this Optimus Prime light Earth’s darkest hour? Or will Unicron-shaped rocks fall, everyone dies? Join us this week for the final part of the Transformers Prime season 1 finale, “One Shall Rise”!

Stasis Pod Episode 160: One Shall Rise, Part 2

Unicron has awakened! But can the Autobots stop him from destroying all life on Earth without destroying it themselves? How well will Megatron take being snubbed by the Chaos Bringer? Is this the most dangerous rocks have been since Beast Wars? Join us this week for the second part of the season 1 finale, “One Shall Rise”!

Stasis Pod Episode 159: One Shall Rise, Part 1

The Autobots rescue Prime from his heavy metal album cover smackdown with Megatron, but can they save themselves from the wrath of June Darby? And just why is all this “blood of Unicron” on Earth, anyway? Will Unicron welcome Megatron as his new herald? Tornadoes: How do they work? Join us this week for the first part of “One Shall Rise”!

Stasis Pod Episode 158: One Shall Fall

We’re closing in on the end of the first season, and that means it’s time for the metaplot to kick into overdrive! Both Prime and Megatron realize a prophesied celestial alignment is nearly at hand — and Megatron is determined to make that doomsday happen! How many quotes from Transformers: The Movie will it take to stop him? How easy is it to hack into a WordPress site? And how metal-album-cover can a Prime/Megs fight get? Join us this week when “One Shall Fall”!

Stasis Pod Episode 157: Stronger, Faster

…more alive! Ratchet tests a new synthetic energon and turns himself into the Autobots’ new ultimate warrior! But can the Autobots get him in check before his newfound aggression gets him in trouble? How does he suddenly know martial arts? How much fun did Jeffrey Combs have making this episode? How long will we digress into talking about early 90s techno? Join us this week for “Stronger, Faster”!

Stasis Pod Episode 156: T.M.I.

The Autobots unearth a Cybertronian data cylinder, but when Knock Out and Breakdown show up to claim it, the ensuing battle ends with Bulkhead getting Cybertron’s Golden Age Wikipedia uploaded into his head! But is all that knowledge worth losing everything else in Bulkhead’s brain? Are we going to get some Technobots out of this? What kind of garbage data storage device self-erases anyway? Join us this week for “T.M.I.”!

Stasis Pod Episode 155: Partners

Starscream and Airachnid face off against the Autobots while trying to find a MacGuffin straight out of G1, but when Starscream gets captured, he’s all too willing to sell out the Decepticons and switch sides! But can he be trusted? What kind of question even is that? He’s Starscream! I mean, really… Join us this week for “Partners”!

Stasis Pod Episode 154: Rock Bottom

Rocks fall, everyone dies.

Okay, not really. But when Arcee, Bulkhead, Jack, and Miko get trapped in a mine cave-in with Megatron and Starscream, can they dig their way out without getting killed? How has Miko survived this long? And how many title drops can they get in? Join us this week for “Rock Bottom”!

Stasis Pod Episode 153: Metal Attraction

Bulkhead and Arcee are sent after a recently-unearthed MacGuffin, but not only is Breakdown after it, Airachnid wants it too! But will this “polarity gauntlet” turn out to be more trouble than it’s worth? Is Jack’s mom seriously trying to flirt with Optimus? And just how satisfying is it to have Gina Torres’s character beating up on Adam Baldwin’s? (Very.) Join us this week for “Metal Attraction”!

Stasis Pod Episode 152: Crisscross

When Airachnid teams up with MECH to get revenge on Arcee and Jack, just how low are they willing to go? Turning a child over to a sadistic alien robot low? Kidnapping moms low? Can Arcee and Jack escape with their lives — and Jack’s mom? Will this episode make you jump, jump? Join us this week for “Crisscross”!