Iacon Underground Radio – Episode 4 – No Sleep ‘Til Toy Fair

This week we’re joined Live From New York by our Emmy Award-winning friend Ant from TFU.info! Listen in as we ask him the Toy Fair questions no one else cared enough to ask! We also talk the new Transformers album, TFSS Oilmaster, and the new F2P Earth Wars mobile game!

TFCC Announces 2014 Subscription Service Price

Over on their Twitter feed, the Transformers Collector’s Club has announced the price for their “TFSS 2.0” series of toys, which we’ve been covering here as they’ve been revealed.

TFCC Releases Mock-Up Images of Chromedome Figure

Though at this stage they’re just mock-ups, the Transformers Collectors’ Club has released images of the upcoming Subscription Service Chromedome figure. As we reported when the figure was first announced, it will have a head designed by Nick Roche and be available (along with Rewind!) as part of the second year of the Figure Subscription …

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TFCC Shows Off Mock-Up Pics of Thrustinator

More news on the Transformers Figure Subscription Service front today as Fun Publications has posted mock-up picks of “Thrustinator”, the BW Waspinator/BM Thrust mash-up who debuted in comic preview pages yesterday. Rather than being any sort of extensive remold of a newer Waspinator figure (the resources for which are generally out of bounds for club …

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New TFCC Comic Pages Reveal Another TFSS Figure

Over on the Transformers Club site today they posted 7 preview comic pages for an upcoming club comic, one of which reveals the identity of yet another TFSS 2.0 figure: Thrustinator, who seems to be a Waspinator character based on the BWII Dirgegun toy. There’s also a peek at the club’s version of Rewind and …

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TFCC Shows Off Rewind With New Head Sculpt For 2014

Perhaps not a big surprise to anyone after they showed off the turnarounds for a Nick Roche-designed Chromedome head, the Transformers Collectors’ Club has unveiled another figure planned for the Subscription Service next year: Rewind! The toy itself is based on the Transformers United Rumble and Frenzy toys, so no massive Deluxe-size Rewind towering over …

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TFCC Reveals Second Subscription Figure For 2014

The Transformers Collectors’ Club has just revealed the second of their 2014 Subscription Service toys: Barricade, based on the Beast Hunters Prowl mold! A mock-up of the toy has been posted over on their site for the toy reveal, including a vehicle mode. This is, understandably enough, not one of the TFSS toys getting a …

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TFCC Reveals Nick Roche Turnarounds For Upcoming Chromedome Figure

This morning the Collectors’ Club Twitter account shared some more news on the upcoming Subscription Service toys, specifically the turnaround art for Chromedome – designed by none other than fan favorite Nick Roche! They also revealed that one other toy for next year’s Subscription Service will have a Roche-designed head sculpt. Does this mean another …

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Next Wave Of TCC Subscription Service Figures Announced

Over on the Transformers Collectors’ Club Twitter account, they’ve announced three of the toys for the “2.0” version* series of Subscription Service figures: I’m not sure who’s “so out of left field” there – They’ve done two of those characters already, if possibly in different universes, and everybody loves Chromedome right now (and then they …

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There’s been some chatter lately about the technologically challenged folks in charge of the Transformers Collector’s Club suggesting people email their credit card information to them if it needs to be updated for the subscription service but their club membership is lapsed. “IF you email this information,” the site says, “please break it up into …

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