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Iacon Underground Radio – Episode 12 – Everybody Hates Prowl

This week: Sins of the Wreckers returns and we try to guess who will survive the Dying of the Light. Spoilers ahead for SotW #4 and MTMTE #52!

Iacon Underground Radio – Episode 01 – Pedipalps of the Wreckers

Welcome to Iacon Underground’s new weekly news-and-reviews podcast, Iacon Underground Radio! This week we talk Combiner Wars leaks, unsexy Leozacks, and RiD season 2. Our fiction recap is Sins of the Wreckers #3 — which ties in neatly with our other podcast, Stasis Pod!

Watch this space for information on new features, our expanding social media presence, and an upcoming IUR/Stasis Pod Patreon campaign!

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Review: ReGeneration One #0 [Spoilers]

TF-REGEN_00_CVR_BWith Unicron killed and the Matrix spent, the universe as we know it has become unbalanced. Can a trip through time and space by Hot Rod set things right?

The big draw of the one-off ReGeneration One #0 is the assortment of artists assembled to send Hot Rod on his journey: Casey Coller, Geoff Senior, Jeff Anderson, Jose Delbo, Nick Roche, and Stephen Baskerville all contribute to make this issue a journey through the past in not just a narrative sense but a metafictional one as well. But is this one-off issue a must-have?

Spoiler warning: Yes.

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TFCC Reveals Nick Roche Turnarounds For Upcoming Chromedome Figure

ChromedomeHeadTurnaroundsThis morning the Collectors’ Club Twitter account shared some more news on the upcoming Subscription Service toys, specifically the turnaround art for Chromedome – designed by none other than fan favorite Nick Roche! They also revealed that one other toy for next year’s Subscription Service will have a Roche-designed head sculpt. Does this mean another MTMTE character is in the works for the FSS? Share your baseless speculation in the comments!

Nick Roche Reveals A New Print For Auto Assembly That Summarizes Everything That Is Absolutely Perfect About More Than Meets The Eye.

On his Twitter feed this morning, Nick Roche showed off the lineart for a new print he’ll have for sale at the UK’s Auto Assembly convention. Titled “The Wake”, it’s a concise summary of everything that makes More Than Meets The Eye such an incredible comic.

The Wake

You can see the original post here, but really, if you’re not already following Nick Roche on Twitter what are you doing with your life?