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BotCon 2015 Announced, Will Be Vaguely in the Vicinity of Chicago

Fun Publications has officially announced the dates and location of BotCon 2015: It’ll be held June 18th-21st in Chicago…sort of. The actual location of the convention will be the Pheasant Run Resort, which describes itself on its own web site as “less than one hour from Chicago”. The “Beautiful 250 acre setting in historic St …

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IDW Presents the Humble Transformers Bundle!

IDW has teamed up with the folks at Humble Bundle – which sells bundles of games, books, and other digital content at a heavy discount to support various charities – to offer the Humble Transformers Bundle! You can pay whatever you want to pick up the first four volumes of the Transformers Classics collection. If …

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WTFTakaraTomy? – A Transformers/Evangelion Crossover For Some Reason

TakaraTomy has strange ideas for Transformers. While Hasbro is putting together award-winning TV shows and working with Hollywood studios, TakaraTomy is…making toy sneakers and caps that turn into Optimus Prime. And sometimes they do strange, inexplicable crossovers, like toys that change from iconic Transformers vehicle modes into Disney characters. And then there’s this: Crossing Transformers …

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Are You Ready for Toy Fair 2014?

It’s that time of year again – no, not Valentine’s Day, it’s Toy Fair! This weekend is going to be a non-stop deluge of new toy news, so to make sure you’re on top of it here are a few of the best people to follow and places to check: Twitter feeds: Ben Yee at …

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One Foot In The Dead Universe: IU Talks to John Barber and James Roberts

Now that Dark Cybertron is well and underway, we here at Iacon Underground were fortunate enough to get to ask IDW writers John Barber and James Roberts some questions about the series so far and both Robots in Disguise and More Than Meets The Eye going forward! IU: Thank you both so much for taking the time to …

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Jagex Updates With Transformers Universe Trailer

So what do you think? Are you excited to play it as a MOBA? Do you like seeing the Prime aesthetic alive and kicking, or does it feel over now? Are you, like me, still mourning the loss of character creation?

Jagex Provides Transformers Universe Update, Still Not MMORPG

An email went out today to those signed up for beta access to Transformers Universe, the MMO first unveiled as an RPG with character creation at BotCon 2011 but later changed to a MOBA. After the initial limited beta, there was very little said about the game for months. According to Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard: …

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