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Stasis Pod Episode 117: The Evil Meteor

This week Jen finally convinces the others to watch an episode of the infamous Omni Productions dub of Headmasters! When Galvatron sends a metal-warping meteor against the Autobots, can Danny man up to destroy it and save them all? Just how much head trauma has poor Daniel Witwickey taken since the previous season? What on Earth is Milo? And isn’t this plot just the end of “Rebirth”? It’s so obvious we’re gonna win against “The Evil Meteor”!

Stasis Pod Episode 65a: Rebirth Part 1

We’re between seasons, so before we learn the fate of Cybertron itself, we’re taking a detour back to 1987 with the only three episodes of Generation 1 season 4, Rebirth! Learn the origin of the Plasma Energy Chamber–more or less! Visit Vector Sigma, the-supercomputer-which-gave-us-all-life! Meet the original characters who became our current Titan Masters! And see just how many new characters David Wise can jam into a single episode of a cartoon! This week we’re taking a trip to Nebulos for Rebirth Part 1!