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Iacon Underground Radio – Episode 43 – Toy Fair 2017 Special!

This week we have our friend Ant from TFU.info to tell us all about forest fires, die-cast heads, and all the other news from Toy Fair 2017!

Why G1 Arcee Still Matters

In the wake of the Fan-Built Bot poll that told Hasbro loud and clear that we want more female Transformers, the Generations toyline is getting a huge shot of robo-estrogen as new character Windblade is joined by her bestie Chromia and, to the surprise of many, a slavishly G1-accurate Arcee. When the new Arcee toy …

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Amazon Updates With Official Pics of Generations Deluxes

Amazon.com has updated their listings for the upcoming Deluxe toys of Skids, Goldfire, Waspinator, and Dreadwing from the Generations line to include official pictures! Each toy’s listing now shows the figure in package, in robot mode with the exclusive pack-in comic cover, and in vehicle mode. They also include what is most likely the package …

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