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Stasis Pod Episode 21: Possession

When Waspinator finds himself host to the immortal spark of DECEPTICON AIR COMMANDER STARSCREAM, we learn who among the Predacons and the Maximals did their history homework as the Cybertronian Loki talks his way into Megatron’s good graces. What was the world like when Transformers was still such an obscure fandom that not even viewers of a Transformers show could expect references to Generation 1? Just how excited was that fandom over this episode? And does it still stand on its own, or, in a far-flung future where pop culture is flooded with Transformers, has it lost its novelty? Join the crew of Stasis Pod as we — and Starscream — travel back in time for Possession!

Stasis Pod Episode 15: The Spark

When a spark goes online, there is great joy. This week on Stasis Pod we tackle the episode of Beast Wars that had the most pervasive, longest-lasting impact on Transformers lore, The Spark! And bonus points for introducing something Transformers shows have rarely had before or since: a second regular female character! Join us as …

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MTMTE #38 Recap: Elegant Chaos, Part 3: [Title Redacted]

The Elegant Chaos arc reaches its end here. Five million years in the past Brainstorm stands before a half-finished Megatron, finger on the trigger, as Rodimus and the others rush to save reality as they know it by saving one of the universe’s greatest tyrants. In the present Megatron, Ultra Magnus, and Perceptor can only …

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BotCon 2015 Announced, Will Be Vaguely in the Vicinity of Chicago

Fun Publications has officially announced the dates and location of BotCon 2015: It’ll be held June 18th-21st in Chicago…sort of. The actual location of the convention will be the Pheasant Run Resort, which describes itself on its own web site as “less than one hour from Chicago”. The “Beautiful 250 acre setting in historic St …

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Why G1 Arcee Still Matters

In the wake of the Fan-Built Bot poll that told Hasbro loud and clear that we want more female Transformers, the Generations toyline is getting a huge shot of robo-estrogen as new character Windblade is joined by her bestie Chromia and, to the surprise of many, a slavishly G1-accurate Arcee. When the new Arcee toy …

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More Than Meets Some Haikus!

[Ed. Note: I come from a fanzine background, so I love highlighting not just news but creative work as well. So have some haikus from our contributor Windchaser!] Cyclonus the grump. Can’t deal with emotions. Tears face in grief. Robot Tailgate So old, yet so very young. New horn seals friendship With amnesia Skids has …

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A Site Policy Statement

We here at Iacon Underground strongly support what IDW has done in choosing Mairghread Scott and Sarah Stone, both women, to work on the Transformers: Windblade comic. We are well aware that the othering of women that has run through the Transformers series, from the moment Hasbro told Bob Budiansky that Ratchet couldn’t be a …

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Scrounging the Smelting Pool

One thing I kinda miss (not really, but Nostalgia Feels) from childhood Transformer collecting was the money gathering exploits to buy my plastic robots.  My family’s income…fluctuated throughout most of my childhood.  My dad worked the same job since I can remember until we move to Arkansas when I was 14, my mother flipped between …

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Do Transformers Stories NEED Humans?

It’s considered a given that Transformers stories will have a few Token Humans as part of the regular cast. Only the Beast series managed to avoid it. And in a lot of quarters it’s argued that, while they’re sometimes annoying and sometimes, like in the live action movies, take up WAY too much screen time, they’re absolutely …

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Longtime Fandom Members Launch BMOG Toys Kickstarter

There’s been a lot of buzz about Transformers-inspired toys made by third parties over the last few years, but over on Kickstarter there’s a campaign to fund something more than just an updated Galvatron or Devestator: BMOG, or Bio-Mechanical Ordinance Gestalts, animal partners for your Transformers that break down into weapon sets! Created by Trent …

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