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Stasis Pod Episode 15: The Spark

When a spark goes online, there is great joy. This week on Stasis Pod we tackle the episode of Beast Wars that had the most pervasive, longest-lasting impact on Transformers lore, The Spark! And bonus points for introducing something Transformers shows have rarely had before or since: a second regular female character! Join us as …

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Why G1 Arcee Still Matters

In the wake of the Fan-Built Bot poll that told Hasbro loud and clear that we want more female Transformers, the Generations toyline is getting a huge shot of robo-estrogen as new character Windblade is joined by her bestie Chromia and, to the surprise of many, a slavishly G1-accurate Arcee. When the new Arcee toy …

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Do Transformers Stories NEED Humans?

It’s considered a given that Transformers stories will have a few Token Humans as part of the regular cast. Only the Beast series managed to avoid it. And in a lot of quarters it’s argued that, while they’re sometimes annoying and sometimes, like in the live action movies, take up WAY too much screen time, they’re absolutely …

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Winter Storms Include Some Familiar Names

Has the notoriously nerdy staff at The Weather Channel been queuing up Generation 1 on Netflix? Though this year’s list of winter storm names was compiled with the help of a high school Latin class, ruling out another batch like last year’s Winter Storm Gandalf and Winter Storm Orko, it looks like a few names still manage …

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Chinese legislators try banning TF – in 1989!

Just something I found while digging through the Lexis-Nexis article database, which might help explain the current upsurge of TF activity in the Asian market… The Associated Press February 19, 1989, Sunday, AM cycle Legislators Urge Ban Of U.S. Television Cartoon SECTION: Business News LENGTH: 270 words DATELINE: BEIJING Twenty Chinese lawmakers have condemned a …

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Featured Discusson: So What’s Next?

Are we seeing the end of the Aligned universe already? What does it mean that Transformers Prime has finished without another show on the horizon? Come on over to the forums for wild rumors and baseless speculation in this week’s Featured Discussion!