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Stasis Pod Episode 133: Mighty Orbots – Magnetic Menace

Before we tackle Transformers Prime, we take a look at a forgotten 80s robot cartoon called Mighty Orbots! Why is the animation in this show so darn good? Will the plural singular of the combiner’s name break Jen’s editor brain? Magnets: How do they work? Join us this week for the first episode of this obscure gem, “Magnetic Menace”!

Stasis Pod Episode 127: Holiday Special – The Big O – Daemonseed

Not satisfied with perfect timing on the Transformers Animated Christmas episodes and then watching “The Tick Loves Santa!” for our Patreon members, we’re interrupting our regularly scheduled Transformers for yet another holiday special: The Big O! It’s Heaven’s Day in Paradigm City, and a strange old man in a Santa suit has a gift for the city that may destroy it — if Roger Smith and Big O can’t stop it first! What connection does this series have to Transformers? Is it seriously just Batman: The Animated Series with a giant robot? And which of us hadn’t even heard of The Big O before and has a lot of questions? Join us for one last dose of holiday cheer with “Daemonseed”!

Stasis Pod Episode 91: Beast… Friends?

This week David makes April Fools of us all by making us watch the inexplicably popular new anime Kemono Friends! How much are Serval-chan, Sand Cat-chan, and Tsuchinoko-chan like Cute Anime Girl Cheetor, Tigatron, and Dinobot? Was Japari Park actually Earth all along? Does it have a second moon that will turn into a superweapon? And who comes out of it thinking that anime was a mistake? Join us this week as we make some Kemono Friends!

Stasis Pod Episode 52c: The King of Braves GaoGaiGar Ep. 1

After Generation 1 ended in Japan, Takara continued their tradition of robot anime with a series of shows collectively known as YĆ«sha, or Brave. The last and best of these, released just before Takara started importing Beast Wars in 1997, was The King of Braves GaoGaiGar!
In the middle of a snowstorm, a baby boy is delivered to a childless couple by…a giant robot lion?! Eight years later, while on a school field trip, the boy is caught in the middle of a battle between a robotic kaiju made of garbage and a cyborg piloting the very same lion mecha! But what’s the connection between them? Who is the Gutsy Geoid Guard, and how did they gain control of Galion? Just what was the animation budget for Guy’s hair? And will Jen stop talking about Evangelion? Join us this week as we watch The King of Braves GaoGaiGar Episode 1: King of Braves is Born!

Stasis Pod Bonus Episode: Beast Wars II

With Optimus Primal dead and Megatron triumphant, we take a break this week to take a look at how Japan continued the Beast Wars series from this point with the first episode of Beast Wars II: Super Lifeform Transformers. Will the Cybertrons find their missing leader? How much did they budget for this show? And what’s Japan’s deal with smooth jazz during space battles? Join us as The New Forces Arrive!