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Stasis Pod Episode 98: Headmaster

When Sumdac Systems employee (and obnoxious gamer dood) Henry Masterson is fired after his Headmaster demonstration sends a missile heading straight for downtown Detroit, he vows to have his revenge (as you do). But when that revenge involves stealing Bulkhead’s body, he’s got to deal with not just Sumdac and the police but the Autobots as well! Can they stop him before he blows up the city? Does the obnoxious gamer dood archetype hold up post-Gamergate? And just how weird is Bulkhead’s disembodied head? Join us this week for “Headmaster”!

Stasis Pod Episode 97: Survival of the Fittest

Meltdown needs a new test subject, and he’s got his sights set on Sari — AND he’s using the Dinobots to kidnap her! Can Bulkhead and Prowl save her without letting the others know about Dinobot Island? Or will she manage to save herself? And just where did Fanzone get that amazing retro cell phone? Join us this week for Survival of the Fittest!

Stasis Pod Episode 96: Lost and Found

Lugnut and Blitzwing arrive on Earth looking for their lost commander, but after Megatron contacts Lugnut and orders him to retrieve the Allspark, can the Autobots keep it out of their clutches? Will Blitzwing even believe him? And how does Sari even get away with being so badly behaved? Join us this week for Lost and Found!

Stasis Pod Episode 95: Sound And Fury

Megatron schemes to harness the power of Sari’s key by giving her a new toy to upgrade. Will her new Soundwave toy evolve enough to become Megatron’s new body? Or will it become something else entirely? And how cute is a Derrick Wyatt-designed robot uprising, come on? Join us this week for Sound And Fury!

Stasis Pod Episode 94: Along Came a Spider

This week it’s Optimus’s turn for traumatic flashbacks as Sari’s Halloween decorations remind him of a lost friend and a run-in with giant alien spiders. But when that friend returns, she’s not what he expected! Will she be able to manipulate her way to Sari’s key? How does she stack up to her Beast Wars incarnation? And just how cool is it to get a Transformers Halloween episode? Join us this week for Along Came a Spider!

Stasis Pod Episode 93: Nanosec

Without a body of his own, Megatron resorts to recruiting a small-time crook to steal the Destronium he needs with the help of a discarded super-speed supersuit from Sumdac. Can Bumblebee’s own ill-advised speed upgrades give him the boost he needs to stop him? And does anybody actually use the word “nanosec” in conversation? Join us this week as we catch up with Nanosec!

Stasis Pod Episode 92: The Thrill of the Hunt

A Cybertronian bounty hunter arrives on Earth looking for the Autobots who took down Megatron — and he’s an all-too-familiar face from Ratchet’s past! Can the grouchy old medic overcome his fear to save the others? What familiar voices show up this time around? And is it really body horror when it’s robots? Join us this week for The Thrill of the Hunt!

Stasis Pod Episode 91: Beast… Friends?

This week David makes April Fools of us all by making us watch the inexplicably popular new anime Kemono Friends! How much are Serval-chan, Sand Cat-chan, and Tsuchinoko-chan like Cute Anime Girl Cheetor, Tigatron, and Dinobot? Was Japari Park actually Earth all along? Does it have a second moon that will turn into a superweapon? And who comes out of it thinking that anime was a mistake? Join us this week as we make some Kemono Friends!

Stasis Pod Episode 90: Blast from the Past

After the Autobots accidentally break a trio of tourist trap animatronic dinosaurs, Sumdac decides it would be a great idea to rebuild them… with the help of his new buddy Megatron! What could possibly go wrong? How many homages to Jurassic Park can they fit in a single episode? And what obvious supervillain hideaway actually exists in real-life Detroit? Join us this week for a Blast from the Past!

Stasis Pod Episode 89: Total Meltdown

Sumdac’s rival Prometheus Black is determined to prove that the future is human modification, not robotics, but when he has a lab accident while trying to find a way to sabotage the Autobots, he becomes the series’ first new human supervillain, Meltdown! Can the Autobots put a stop to him before he turns Sumdac Tower into a puddle of goo? Can Bumblebee prove that size doesn’t matter and make Bulkhead and Prowl stop picking on him? Was “Prometheus Black” not a supervillain enough name already? And which one of us is a big Peter Stormare fan? Join us this week for “Total Meltdown”!

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