Series: Stasis Pod

Stasis Pod Episode 144: Convoy

It’s time to hit the road when Agent Fowler needs an escort for a highly explosive nuclear device! But it’s not Decepticons who are after the D.I.N.G.U.S. — it’s humans! Can Optimus and the Autobots keep it out of MECH’s hands? Can Prime shame Fowler out of his road rage? Will the kids manage to find a way to put themselves in terrible danger? Join us this week for “Convoy”!

Stasis Pod Episode 143: Con Job

When Bulkhead’s BFF Wheeljack shows up on Earth, the Decepticons seize the opportunity to capture him and replace him with the shapeshifting (even more than usual) Makeshift! Will Makeshift discover the location of the Autobots’ base before they discover he’s not who he seems? Can Wheeljack escape from Starscream and Soundwave? Will they have a …

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Stasis Pod Episode 142: Scrapheap

Jack, Miko, and Raf come to the rescue when the Autobot’s base gets infested with scraplets! Can they get things under control before Ratchet, Bulkhead, and Bumblebee are eaten alive and Optimus and Arcee freeze on their recon mission to the Arctic? How dark and messed-up is this? Where can we get toys of these adorable monsters? Who still isn’t over Stranger Things 2? Join us this week for “Scrapheap”!

Stasis Pod Episode 141: Masters and Students

Starscream unearths an old Decepticon in stasis in hopes of having someone he can boss around, Soundwave plays a mean guilt trip game, and Ratchet helps the kids with their science projects! Will any of this go well for anyone? Will the theme presented in the title be proverbially beaten into the ground? Is that scene with Starscream and Megatron the single kinkiest moment in canon Transformers history? Join us this week for “Masters and Students”!

Stasis Pod Episode 140: Darkness Rising, Pt. 5

The darkness reaches its climax! Will Megatron succeed in bringing an army of undead Cybertronians to Earth? Is there anything more metal than raising an entire planet of undead robots? Will the writers meet their quota of Transformers: The Movie quotes? Join us this week for the finale of the Transformers Prime five-part opener, “Darkness Rising, Part 5”!

Stasis Pod Episode 139: Darkness Rising, Pt. 4

The darkness has nearly reached its pinnacle! Go, darkness, go! Optimus and Ratchet fight zombies, the kids act like a bunch of unruly ferrets, and Megatron reveals his ultimate plan! Join us this week for the penultimate episode of Prime’s kickoff, “Darkness Rising, Part 4”!

Stasis Pod Episode 138: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Trans-homers

It’s April Fool’s, and that means it’s time for David to subject Jen and Rob to another new Japanese horror! When Panty and Stocking, Heaven’s shittiest angels, gain the powers of a pair of warring alien robots, they turn everything around them into transforming robot soldiers in their eternal battle of petty bickering! Join us for a concentrated dose of non-stop anime robot homages as we watch “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt: Trans-homers”!

Stasis Pod Episode 137: Darkness Rising, Pt. 3

More Darkness, More Rising! Fowler is captured by the Decepticons, the kids and the Autobots totally fail to follow orders, and Optimus Prime knows where a lot of bodies are buried! Join us this week for “Darkness Rising Part 3”!

Stasis Pod Episode 136: Darkness Rising, Pt. 2

The darkness continues its slow ascent! Megatron uses a sample of Dark Energon to demonstrate to Starscream just how dark this show is going to get, the kids get assigned babysitters, and is that Ernie Hudson? Join us this week for “Darkness Rising, Part 2”!

Stasis Pod Episode 135: Darkness Rising, Pt. 1

This week we jump into the epic five-parter that started it… well, started Transformers Prime, at least. The Autobots’ patrol on Earth heats up as Cliffjumper runs straight into trouble and Arcee’s cover is blown. Can the Autobots protect their secret and the human kids who now know it? What kind of tone is set for this new series? And can you smell what Cliffjumper is cooking? Join us this week for Darkness Rising, Part 1!