Series: Stasis Pod

Stasis Pod Episode 118: Transwarped, Part 1

Decepticons are attacking Autobot space bridges, Megatron and Starscream are floating in space, Bumblebee touches something he shouldn’t, and Optimus is trying to run interference between an angry and apparently robotic Sari and her father as we reach season 3 of Transformers Animated! Who are all these cameo characters? Is Blurr seriously planning to just run back to Cybertron? And why does only one person ever write the Headmaster? Join us this week for “Transwarped, Part 1”!

Stasis Pod Episode 117: The Evil Meteor

This week Jen finally convinces the others to watch an episode of the infamous Omni Productions dub of Headmasters! When Galvatron sends a metal-warping meteor against the Autobots, can Danny man up to destroy it and save them all? Just how much head trauma has poor Daniel Witwickey taken since the previous season? What on Earth is Milo? And isn’t this plot just the end of “Rebirth”? It’s so obvious we’re gonna win against “The Evil Meteor”!

Stasis Pod Episode 116: A Bridge Too Close, Part 2

The arrival of Starscream and his new clone army throws a wrench in Megatron’s space bridge plans, and Ratchet finally manages to wake up the Autobots’ ship — which happens to be an old friend by the name of Omega Supreme! Can they stop Megatron and Starscream before it’s too late? Will Starscream’s clones be as loyal as their creator? And just who is Megatron’s helper on the other side? Join us this week for “A Bridge Too Close, Part 2”!

Stasis Pod Episode 115: A Bridge Too Close, Part 1

To recall all his Decepticon forces and conquer Cybertron, Megatron needs a working space bridge — and Bulkhead just so happens to be the Autobots’ foremost expert on space bridges! Can Bulkhead take advantage of this to sabotage Megatron’s plans? Or will his pride in a job well done be used for evil? And will Jen ever be satisfied with Animated episode titles? Join us this week as we travel across “A Bridge Too Close, Part 1”!

Stasis Pod Episode 114: Sari, No One’s Home

It’s Home Alone with Scrapper and Mixmaster as Sari has to hold down the base while the Autobots are out! Can she keep the place from getting destroyed? Or will she be the one to destroy it? And just what are the Autobots feeding her, anyway? Join us this week for “Sari, No One’s Home”!

Stasis Pod Episode 113: Black Friday

This is the last episode we recorded before we lost our co-host and dear friend Alex to a fatal pulmonary embolism. A full blog post is forthcoming here on; until then, take this chance to remember Alex as the warm, caring, funny person he was.

Stasis Pod Episode 112: Autoboot Camp

When an Autobot who Bumblebee got arrested for being a spy escapes from prison, Bee and Bulkhead remember their boot camp days while trying to track him down. But was he really the spy, or was it someone else? Is Bumblebee just the worst friend ever? And why did they let Sentinel of all people name recruits? Join us this week for “Autoboot Camp”!

Stasis Pod Episode 111: SUV: Society of Ultimate Villainy

Detroit’s latest supervillain has team ambitions — and she drafts Nanosec, the Angry Archer, and Professor Princess for her new superteam! Can Slo-Mo get them to play well together? What will they call the team? And what’s up with the talking SUV who wants to give them a hand? Join us this week for “SUV: Society of Ultimate Villainy”!

Stasis Pod Episode 110: A Fistful of Energon

When Megatron puts a bounty on Starscream’s head, Lockdown arrives on Earth to claim it. But is the offer of a few fancy upgrades all it’ll take for him to get Prowl working alongside him? Just how many Starscreams are there? And where does a deposed warlord get enough money to offer the biggest bounty a career bounty hunter’s ever seen? Join us this week for A Fistful of Energon!

Stasis Pod Episode 109: Rise of the Constructicons

Allspark fragments bring a pair of construction vehicles to life — with all the charm and manners of their human operators! Can Bulkhead befriend the new Constructicons without falling into their catcalling, oil-guzzling ways? Will Megatron lure them over to his side to help him build his space bridge? And how are they “Rise”ing, exactly? Join us this week for “Rise of the Constructicons”!