Series: Stasis Pod

Stasis Pod Episode 128: Decepticon Air

We return to Transformers Animated this week with action-movie references, ill-advised explosions, and lots of Decepticons! Join us this week for Decepticon Air!

Stasis Pod Bonus Episode: Pottersville

To finish out the holiday season, Rob and David watch a new “Christmas” “Classic” available now on Netflix. Pottersville is a movie-like object starring many character actors you have seen before: General Zod, Hellboy, that redhead from Mad Men, “say goodbye to these” of Arrested Development, cop in hotpants from Reno 911, and Lovejoy. It’s a festive film filled with furries, snow, economic depression, “jokes”, and the worst Bigfoot.

Stasis Pod Episode 127: Holiday Special – The Big O – Daemonseed

Not satisfied with perfect timing on the Transformers Animated Christmas episodes and then watching “The Tick Loves Santa!” for our Patreon members, we’re interrupting our regularly scheduled Transformers for yet another holiday special: The Big O! It’s Heaven’s Day in Paradigm City, and a strange old man in a Santa suit has a gift for the city that may destroy it — if Roger Smith and Big O can’t stop it first! What connection does this series have to Transformers? Is it seriously just Batman: The Animated Series with a giant robot? And which of us hadn’t even heard of The Big O before and has a lot of questions? Join us for one last dose of holiday cheer with “Daemonseed”!

Stasis Pod Episode 126: Human Error, Part 2

With the Autobots still under Soundwave’s spell, Sari needs help — any help she can get! And what she can get is…Scrapper, Wreck-Gar, and a Dinobot? But will they be enough when Soundwave gets the Autobots completely under his control? What’s the deal with Porter C. Powell’s TV spots? And is that a keytar? Join us this week for “Human Error, Part 2”!

Stasis Pod Episode 125: Human Error, Part 1

It’s Christmas in Detroit, and what every good little boy and girl is hoping to find under the tree this year is…Soundwave!? That’s right, Porter C. Powell is mass-producing the murderous little toy, and not even Isaac Sumdac can resist its musical charms! But when Optimus and the other Autobots wake up on Christmas morning to find themselves suddenly turned into humans, it’s up to Sari to stop Soundwave’s villainous plans! Can the Autobots survive being human? Can Optimus figure out a non-transforming-robot-specific battle cry? And how does he get those prices so low? Join us this week for “Human Error, Part 1”!

Stasis Pod Episode 124: Predacons Rising

Blackarachnia needs a test subject, and Wasp is a perfect fit! Can the Autobots track them down and stop her and her newly created Waspinator? Just how badly will Sentinel react to learning what happened to Elita? And is exploding into bits just what Waspinator does? Join us this week as we revisit the series that launched this podcast with “Predacons Rising”!

Stasis Pod Episode 123: Five Servos of Doom

When Sentinel Prime shows a remarkable amount of skill for capturing Decepticons, Optimus and the others just know something’s up — and Prowl thinks a sighting of his dead sensei’s helmet might be a clue! But just who is helping Sentinel capture all those “Badness-Bots”? Can Jetfire and Jetstorm possibly get any cuter? And is that George Takei? Damn, that’s awkward… “Join us this week for Five Servos of Doom”!

Stasis Pod Episode 122: Where Is Thy Sting

Wasp finally makes it to Earth to take his revenge on Bumblebee — which involves disguising himself and switching places with Bee! Can Bumblebee convince the Autobots that the green guy with the buzzy voice is really their little buddy? Can Shockwave keep them all from blowing his cover when the Elite Guard comes looking for the escaped “traitor”? And can Hasbro work in a way to sell some jetboys? Join us this week for “Where Is Thy Sting”!

Stasis Pod Episode 121: Three’s a Crowd

What do you get when you combine a busted-up Headmaster, a Constructicon-colored forklift, and an Allspark fragment? The answer is: Management! Will Mixmaster and Scrapper let Dirt Boss boss them right back into a life of crime? Can Bulkhead stop them all? Will Professor Sumdac ever learn to pick up social cues? Do the Autobots really expect Lugnut to just sit at the bottom of that crater until they get back? Join us this week for “Three’s a Crowd”!

Stasis Pod Episode 120: Transwarped, Part 3

Sari’s bursting with Allspark energy she can’t control, Shockwave is doing everything he can to keep the Earth-bound Autobots from blowing his cover, and Megatron and Starscream have taken control of Omega Supreme! It’s time for the third and final part of the season 3 opener! Join us this week for “Transwarped, Part 3”!