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Stasis Pod Episode 103: Coop D’Etat

For our between-seasons special, we take a look at another great battle between giant robots voiced by Peter Cullen and Frank Welker — in an episode of the mid-’00s love letter to all things robots, superheroes, and anime, Megas XLR! After accidentally destroying a robotic alien society’s sacred monument, Coop, Jamie, and Kiva become prime targets! Can they escape an army of ’70s-anime-inspired robots out for vengeance? Will immature misogynists ever be harmlessly funny again? And whatever happened to this show, anyway? Join us this week for the Megas XLR season 1 finale, “Coop D’Etat”!

Stasis Pod Episode 102: Transformers Animated Shorts

This week we take a look at a handful of animated shorts that were released online and on some of the Transformers Animated DVDs. Join us for creative uses of the POKE, Peak Starscream, and lil’ Daniel Witwicky asking the questions we’ve all been wondering!

Stasis Pod Episode 101: Megatron Rising Part 2

With a reformed body and the Allspark key, Megatron is ready to return to Cybertron — but not without taking out his anger on Earth first! Can the Autobots stop him? Will Isaac Sumdac fess up to helping him? And is this Megatron actually going to — Gasp! — kill Starscream? Join us this week for the final episode of Transformers Animated season 1, Megatron Rising, Part 2!

Stasis Pod Episode 100: Megatron Rising Part 1

With his body found and freedom nearly at hand, Megatron starts rallying his Decepticons! Can the Autobots keep them from getting Sari’s key? What crawled up Optimus’s tailpipe? And what’s Starscream going to do about it all? Join us this week for the first part of the season 1 finale, Megatron Rising!

Stasis Pod Episode 99: Nature Calls

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When Optimus notices an unusual energy reading from the Michigan wilderness, he sends Prowl, Bumblebee, and Sari on a camping trip to investigate. But what they find is a space monster! Can they survive both the monster and the camping? Just what lurks under the monster’s slimy exterior? And why did they think it was a good idea to let a little kid go camping in the middle of winter? Join us this week for Nature Calls!

Stasis Pod Episode 98: Headmaster

When Sumdac Systems employee (and obnoxious gamer dood) Henry Masterson is fired after his Headmaster demonstration sends a missile heading straight for downtown Detroit, he vows to have his revenge (as you do). But when that revenge involves stealing Bulkhead’s body, he’s got to deal with not just Sumdac and the police but the Autobots as well! Can they stop him before he blows up the city? Does the obnoxious gamer dood archetype hold up post-Gamergate? And just how weird is Bulkhead’s disembodied head? Join us this week for “Headmaster”!

Stasis Pod Episode 97: Survival of the Fittest

Meltdown needs a new test subject, and he’s got his sights set on Sari — AND he’s using the Dinobots to kidnap her! Can Bulkhead and Prowl save her without letting the others know about Dinobot Island? Or will she manage to save herself? And just where did Fanzone get that amazing retro cell phone? Join us this week for Survival of the Fittest!

Stasis Pod Episode 96: Lost and Found

Lugnut and Blitzwing arrive on Earth looking for their lost commander, but after Megatron contacts Lugnut and orders him to retrieve the Allspark, can the Autobots keep it out of their clutches? Will Blitzwing even believe him? And how does Sari even get away with being so badly behaved? Join us this week for Lost and Found!

Stasis Pod Episode 95: Sound And Fury

Megatron schemes to harness the power of Sari’s key by giving her a new toy to upgrade. Will her new Soundwave toy evolve enough to become Megatron’s new body? Or will it become something else entirely? And how cute is a Derrick Wyatt-designed robot uprising, come on? Join us this week for Sound And Fury!

Stasis Pod Episode 94: Along Came a Spider

This week it’s Optimus’s turn for traumatic flashbacks as Sari’s Halloween decorations remind him of a lost friend and a run-in with giant alien spiders. But when that friend returns, she’s not what he expected! Will she be able to manipulate her way to Sari’s key? How does she stack up to her Beast Wars incarnation? And just how cool is it to get a Transformers Halloween episode? Join us this week for Along Came a Spider!

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