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Stasis Pod Episode 109: Rise of the Constructicons

Allspark fragments bring a pair of construction vehicles to life — with all the charm and manners of their human operators! Can Bulkhead befriend the new Constructicons without falling into their catcalling, oil-guzzling ways? Will Megatron lure them over to his side to help him build his space bridge? And how are they “Rise”ing, exactly? Join us this week for “Rise of the Constructicons”!

Stasis Pod Episode 108: Velocity

When Bumblebee is outpaced by a mysterious blue speeder, he has to get a rematch to prove that he’s the fastest thing on Earth. But meeting up with the mystery car again means joining an underground street racing league — and Sari won’t let him go without her! Who’s behind the wheel of this mystery car? Can Bulkhead convince Bumblebee to set a better example for Sari? And are we actually going to find out what the deal is with the mystery car, ooorrrrr…? Join us this week for Velocity!

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Stasis Pod Episode 107: Garbage In, Garbage Out

When an Allspark fragment brings a garbage truck to life, Ratchet’s surliness sends the impressionable new Transformer on a mission to bring garbage to all the nice people of Detroit! Can he be nice enough to convince Wreck-Gar to be a hero? Why is Wreck-Gar Weird Al? And what magic powers his garbage-filled backpack? Join us this week for Garbage In, Garbage Out!

Stasis Pod Episode 106: Mission Accomplished

With Decepticons taking potshots at Autobot outposts, Ultra Magnus is in a hurry to sweep Optimus’s talk of Megatron and the Allspark under the rug and get the Earthbound Autobots back to Cybertron. But while Optimus fights against the Elite Guard’s political pressure, Starscream awakens to discover that Megatron killed him, but he’s not quite dead! Will he be able to use this second chance to depose his old leader? Can Optimus convince Magnus and Sentinel that Earth still needs his protection? And are we really gonna get into some political commentary here? Join us this week as Ultra Magnus declares Mission Accomplished!

Stasis Pod Episode 105: The Return of the Headmaster

Powell not only takes Sumdac Systems from Sari, he kicks her out of her home too — and moving into her pink princess room is none other than the newly rehired Henry Masterson! As Sari deals with Bumblebee and Bulkhead’s dubious attempts to make her feel more at home in their base, the Headmaster sets his sights on Sentinel Prime! Is Optimus a good enough guy to help out his asshole of a rival? Will Masterson redecorate? Is this universe’s Prowl actually capable of basic empathy? Join us this week for The Return of the Headmaster!

Stasis Pod Episode 104: The Elite Guard

Word of the Allspark’s discovery and Megatron’s resurrection on Earth finally reaches Cybertron, so it’s time to send in…management! Are Ultra Magnus, Sentinel Prime, and Jazz ready to meet some organic life? Will they get cooties? And is this Megatron like the absolute most manipulative jerk or what? Join us this week for the arrival of The Elite Guard!

Stasis Pod Episode 103: Coop D’Etat

For our between-seasons special, we take a look at another great battle between giant robots voiced by Peter Cullen and Frank Welker — in an episode of the mid-’00s love letter to all things robots, superheroes, and anime, Megas XLR! After accidentally destroying a robotic alien society’s sacred monument, Coop, Jamie, and Kiva become prime targets! Can they escape an army of ’70s-anime-inspired robots out for vengeance? Will immature misogynists ever be harmlessly funny again? And whatever happened to this show, anyway? Join us this week for the Megas XLR season 1 finale, “Coop D’Etat”!

Stasis Pod Episode 102: Transformers Animated Shorts

This week we take a look at a handful of animated shorts that were released online and on some of the Transformers Animated DVDs. Join us for creative uses of the POKE, Peak Starscream, and lil’ Daniel Witwicky asking the questions we’ve all been wondering!

Stasis Pod Episode 101: Megatron Rising Part 2

With a reformed body and the Allspark key, Megatron is ready to return to Cybertron — but not without taking out his anger on Earth first! Can the Autobots stop him? Will Isaac Sumdac fess up to helping him? And is this Megatron actually going to — Gasp! — kill Starscream? Join us this week for the final episode of Transformers Animated season 1, Megatron Rising, Part 2!

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