Stasis Pod Episode 200: Minus One

The lab full of Predacons has been destroyed, but the Decepticons are still very enthusiastic about being terrible at the scientific method! But if they’re going to figure out how to stabilize synthetic Energon, they’re going to need someone who’s actually GOOD at science — they’re going to have to kidnap Ratchet! Meanwhile, the Autobots have managed to capture Soundwave, but is he trapped in there with them or are they etc. etc.? And will Smokescreen ever stop being the worst? Join us this week for “Minus One”!

Stasis Pod Episode 199: Evolution

The Decepticons realize they got more than they bargained for with their pet dragon as the self-declared “Predaking” starts making plans to take over the army of clones growing in Shockwave’s lab. Can they thwart his ambitions without turning his fire breath on them? Where will the Decepticons ever find someone who’s good at deceit and backstabbing? And can Ultra Magnus learn to fit in with Team Prime, or is he destined to always be Mean Dad? Join us this week for an “Evolution” revolution!

Iacon Underground Patreon Special: Kemono Friends Episode 3

Scheduling has still been a mess, but we’ll soon be back to more-or-less normal with the next episode of Transformers Prime on Stasis Pod, a new episode of Iacon Underground Radio, and — most exciting of all! — an episode of Superhuman Samurai Syber Pod with guest host Christine Love from Love Conquers All Games! For now, enjoy an episode from our Patreon specials about Kemono Friends episode 3, “Mountain”!

Stasis Pod Episode 198: Thirst

Just in time for Halloween Season, we have a dark tale of mad science, desecrated corpses, and zombie-vampire-robots! When Starscream discovers Knock Out has been keeping Cylas around for experimentation, he suggests what they really need to add to his Synth En-fueled monster is Dark Energon! Is this the worst idea anyone has ever had? Does Knock Out even know how actual science works? And can they get things cleaned up before Daddy Megatron finds out? Join us this week for “Thirst”!

Stasis Pod Episode 197: Plus One

While Arcee talks to Wheeljack about his relationship problems over the deactivated corpses of some Vehicons, June Darby and Agent Fowler get kidnapped by Knock Out while trying to retrieve another Predacon fossil from a museum! Who’s shipping what, and who is so not comfortable being in a Greg Weisman episode? Join us this week for “Plus One”!

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Stasis Pod Episode 196: Chain of Command

The beginning of what will become the Vok meta-plot! When Optimus Primal is seemingly destroyed by a strange alien probe, who will lead the Maximals?

…Wait, no, not that “Chain of Command”.

As Starscream plays “How To Train Your Dragon” with the newly-defrosted Predacon, Ultra Magnus is playing “How To Train Your Wheeljack”! Can Bulkhead cool everyone’s tempers before Wheeljack decides to break up the band? Seriously, those two are a couple, right? And what’s the best/worst relic Miko could get her hands on? Join us this week for “Chain of Command”!

Stasis Pod Episode 195: Project Predacon

Agent Fowler gives an Autobot an altmode for once, Megatron has answers to the questions everyone’s asking, and the Autobots tussle with Shockwave and Soundwave over some Predacon bones! Can Wheeljack and Ultra Magnus resist the urge to murder each other? Can Smokescreen let that whole Chosen One thing go? Would Shockwave be a better fighter if he had an angry eyebrow? Join us this week for “Project Predacon”!

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Stasis Pod Episode 194: Rebellion

Team Prime is ready to take the fight to Darkmount, but Prime himself is on the verge of making a very bad decision! Can Smokescreen save Prime’s life before he’s saddled with The Burden Hardest To Bear? Would it really have been so much trouble to animate that matte-painting Alpha Trion just a little? And why did Darkmount have a convenient window for Magnus to jump through!? Join us this week for the last part of the season 3 opener, “Rebellion”!

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Stasis Pod Episode 193: Prey

The Decepticons send their new pet dragon out to hunt for some Autobots, Bulkhead and Wheeljack deduce that the best way to let the others know where they are is random explosions, and Smokescreen goes looking for the Forge of Solus Prime because when it comes down to it, the IDEA of being the protagonist is a lot more fun than actually BEING it! Can Smokey save Optimus before all this becomes HIS problem? Can this rag-tag group deal with THAT kind of Ultra Magnus? And…what’s a dragon? Join us this week for “Prey”!

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Stasis Pod Episode 192: Scattered

As the episode title quality takes a sharp nosedive, the Autobots and their human friends try to reconnect without tipping off the Decepticons. But Megatron has some very logical help from Cybertron! Which kid makes the mistake of breaking comms silence first? (It’s not who you’d expect!) Has the loss of their base turned Optimus full goth? And wasn’t it nice living in the good old days before we were all under constant surveillance through our smart phones? Join us this week as the Autobots find themselves “Scattered”!

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