Superhuman Samurai Syber Pod Episode 10: Collapse

Unable to defeat Gridman, Shinjo spirals into depression and starts to question her own humanity, but Alexis Kerib still wants a kaiju — and the sad, half-finished one he brings to life hides a horrifying monster with the power of a teenage girl’s broken heart! It’s too powerful for Gridman, but can he stop it with a little help from… Gridknight? Does that kaiju look like a vagina to anyone else? And who want a poetry reading? This week we’re joined by Christine Love of Love Conquers All Games for the next-to-penultimate episode of SSSS.Gridman, “Collapse”!

Superhuman Samurai Syber Pod Episode 9: Dream

Yuta wakes up with a familiar case of amnesia, but this time it’s his girlfriend Akane who greets him! Utsumi runs into Akane while checking out some new magazines and discovers she’s a toku nerd too! Rikka gets pulled into Akane’s life as one of the popular kids! But can any of this be true? Can Gridman wake them up inside, or will Akane convince them to stay with her in their happy dreams? Can Borr stop Anti from getting water all over the junk shop’s carpet? And can we stop singing that Evanescence song for like five minutes? This week we’re once again joined by Vintage Henshin‘s Mach Dent for SSSS.Gridman episode 9, “Dream”!

Superhuman Samurai Syber Pod Episode 8: Confrontation

It’s time for the school festival, but Akane announces to the Gridman Alliance that she’d rather unleash a kaiju on the school than join the party! Can Rikka talk her out of it, or will they have to fight? Can they tweak Junk’s graphics settings enough to load Full Powered Gridman? And does the Neon Genesis Junior High crew just live with Rikka’s mom now? This week we’re joined by Grant from Blade Licking Thieves as we talk inside shoes, gender-swapped cafes, and the implications of Rikka’s skirt in episode 8, “Confrontation”!

Superhuman Samurai Syber Pod Episode 7: Scheme

Convinced that Yuta is on to her, Akane gives up all pretense of secrecy about her kaiju and… takes him out for a nice dinner with Alexis Kerib? But if both of them are at the restaurant with Yuta, who sent that kaiju to attack the city!? This week we’re joined by Greg Sepelak, another of the creators behind the original Transformers: Shattered Glass and the other half of Isle of Rangoon, as we get way too much fan service, appreciate flying kaiju on strings, and try to remember the name of that one Mobile Suit we’re thinking of in episode 7, “Scheme”!

Superhuman Samurai Syber Pod Episode 6: Contact

The Gridman Alliance kids go their separate ways for the day, but an episode with no kaiju fight doesn’t mean they’re safe! Utsumi runs into Shinjo at a book store and gets grilled on his friend Yuta, Rikka gives Anti some special dogs and a bath, and a familiar kaiju child shows Yuta that their city is more than meets the eye! We’re joined this week by special guest PatzPrime from The Cockpit podcast as we talk stalky friends, Starbows frappuccinos, and kaiju lineage in episode 6, “Contact”!

Superhuman Samurai Syber Pod Episode 5: Provocation

Bikinis! Bikinis everywhere!

It’s time for a fanservice episode as the Gridman Alliance takes a class trip to go river rafting! How much phys ed can Akane Shinjo put up with before it’s time to call in a kaiju? How can Yuta Access Flash with Gridman so far from the city? Why does everyone keep falling asleep on the train? And seriously, where was Shinjo keeping that cell phone? Join us this week for episode 5 of SSSS.Gridman, “Provocation”!

Superhuman Samurai Syber Pod Episode 4: Suspicion

Akane thinks she’s figured out who Gridman is — and in hopes of confirming her suspicions, she joins Rikka on the most relatable group date ever! Will she learn Yuta’s secret? Can Rikka get this show past the Bechdel test despite how determined Akane is to talk about a boy? And wait, are all those creepy college boys… Jetfires? This week we’re joined by our buddy @KeliraTelian for episode 4 of SSSS.Gridman, “Suspicion”!

Superhuman Samurai Syber Pod Episode 3: Defeat

After Utsumi suggests the kaiju might really be people, Gridman hesitates when the next one he fights actually speaks — and that gives the kaiju an opening to defeat him! Is he gone for good? Will Yuta cease to exist like their dead classmates? Can Calibur’s friends help? And… wait, did they say they were from the junior high school? This week we’re joined by Big Name Tokusatsu Fan Mach Dent from Vintage Henshin and Kamen Ramen Studios as we watch SSSS.Gridman episode 3, “Defeat”!

Superhuman Samurai Syber Pod Episode 2: Restoration

On the surface it seems like the fight between Gridman and the kaiju never happened, but Yuta, Utsumi, and Rikka soon discover that their classmates who were killed in the attack are still gone — and as far as anyone else knows, they died years ago! Can they find more answers before having to defend the city and the school from another monster? Can the adorkable weirdo Samurai Caliber help with more than upgrading Junk’s sound card? How do you open Ramune? If you die in the game, do you die for real? Join the Stasis Pod crew for SSSS.Gridman episode 2, “Restoration”!