Stasis Pod Episode 21: Possession

When Waspinator finds himself host to the immortal spark of DECEPTICON AIR COMMANDER STARSCREAM, we learn who among the Predacons and the Maximals did their history homework as the Cybertronian Loki talks his way into Megatron’s good graces. What was the world like when Transformers was still such an obscure fandom that not even viewers of a Transformers show could expect references to Generation 1? Just how excited was that fandom over this episode? And does it still stand on its own, or, in a far-flung future where pop culture is flooded with Transformers, has it lost its novelty? Join the crew of Stasis Pod as we — and Starscream — travel back in time for Possession!

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Stasis Pod Episode 21: Possession
Stasis Pod

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