Stasis Pod Episode 172: Armada

Starscream finds some inactive protoforms on wreck of the Harbinger and proceeds to do what is apparently now A Thing Starscream Does: He clones himself! Can five Starscreams succeed where one has failed? Has he been watching Michael Bay’s The Island? Can they shoehorn some Autobots into this story? Join us this week for “Armada”!

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Superhuman Samurai Syber Pod Episode 3: Defeat

After Utsumi suggests the kaiju might really be people, Gridman hesitates when the next one he fights actually speaks — and that gives the kaiju an opening to defeat him! Is he gone for good? Will Yuta cease to exist like their dead classmates? Can Calibur’s friends help? And… wait, did they say they were from the junior high school? This week we’re joined by Big Name Tokusatsu Fan Mach Dent from Vintage Henshin and Kamen Ramen Studios as we watch SSSS.Gridman episode 3, “Defeat”!

Stasis Pod Episode 170: Nemesis Prime

When a familiar-looking semi truck attacks Agent Fowler, the Autobots wonder if Optimus Prime has gone mad! But this battle-damage redeco isn’t the Autobot leader — it’s a MECH mecha! Can Fowler and the Autobots stop Silas and his new toy before the military declares the real Prime an enemy combatant? Where have we seen this Evil Optimus idea before? And how did Silas make that Optimus quote soundboard? Join us this week for “Nemesis Prime”!

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Winter Scheduling Chaos!

Between the usual holiday nonsense and Jen struggling through an unreasonably long-lived sore throat, we’re taking a week off from Stasis Pod and delaying our December Patreon episode (Into the Spider-Verse!) until January. But we’ll return soon, and with a second Patreon episode for late January (probably Bumblebee?)!

Superhuman Samurai Syber Pod Episode 2: Restoration

On the surface it seems like the fight between Gridman and the kaiju never happened, but Yuta, Utsumi, and Rikka soon discover that their classmates who were killed in the attack are still gone — and as far as anyone else knows, they died years ago! Can they find more answers before having to defend the city and the school from another monster? Can the adorkable weirdo Samurai Caliber help with more than upgrading Junk’s sound card? How do you open Ramune? If you die in the game, do you die for real? Join the Stasis Pod crew for SSSS.Gridman episode 2, “Restoration”!

Stasis Pod Episode 169: Crossfire

Megatron orders Dreadwing and Breakdown to take Airachnid out behind the shed, but the devious spider isn’t so easily squashed! Can Starscream use this opportunity to make a new ally? Who’ll be there to pick up all the robot pieces? And are the Autobots going to show up at some point? Join us this week as we get caught up in the “Crossfire”!

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Superhuman Samurai Syber Pod Episode 1: Awakening

A boy with amnesia. An old computer that calls to him as a forgotten hero named Gridman. Conveniently absent parents. Strange, seemingly unfinished kaiju raining destruction on his neighborhood. Why does this all seem so familiar — in ways that have nothing to do with Tim Curry? Why are we joined for our premire episode by Trent Troop, one of the creators of Transformers: Shattered Glass (as well as Isle of Rangoon and Prize Inside)? Why is SSSS.Gridman like this? Join the Stasis Pod crew as we launch the Superhuman Samurai Syber Pod with episode 1: “Awakening”!