January 2014 archive

Marvel Retrospective I: “The Transformers”

This is the first in what will hopefully be a series of articles re-visiting Marvel’s version of Transformers, covering the 80 issues released in America and the 4-issue miniseries “The Headmasters.” Images are scanned from my personal copies of each comic. It was a world transformed. In 1984, Marvel comics began a series of comics …

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More Than Meets Some Haikus!

[Ed. Note: I come from a fanzine background, so I love highlighting not just news but creative work as well. So have some haikus from our contributor Windchaser!] Cyclonus the grump. Can’t deal with emotions. Tears face in grief. Robot Tailgate So old, yet so very young. New horn seals friendship With amnesia Skids has …

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IDW “After The Dark…” Teaser Images Reveal HUGE Twist

  Over on their Tumblr, IDW’s been tossing out teaser images for what comes after Dark Cybertron with the “After The Dark…” tagline. The first one, with Optimus Prime (or possibly still Orion Pax?) over a planet that looks suspiciously like Earth, was a bit of a surprise after IDW swore off Earth-based stories a …

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Wiki Wednesday: Foo

Pity him. Seriously, though, he was in Headmasters, so he probably deserves your pity.

Wiki Wednesday: Maccadam’s Old Oil House

It’s New Year’s Day, and for many people that means it’s time to face the day with a blinding hangover. In honor of the season, let’s take a look at Cybertron’s favorite place to get plastered: Situated over at sub-level six on Cybertron‘s lower-east quadrant, or just east of the High Council Pavilions in Iacon, is one of Cybertron‘s most …

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