September 2013 archive

TFCC Announces 2014 Subscription Service Price

Over on their Twitter feed, the Transformers Collector’s Club has announced the price for their “TFSS 2.0” series of toys, which we’ve been covering here as they’ve been revealed.

Generic Spotlight: Cybertronian Pompadours

Penciler Manny Galan may not have been a very polished artist when he worked on the Transformers: Generation 2 comic, but the man knew how to have fun with his generics. However, we must face the fact that his work only exposes the distinct lack of rockabilly throughout the rest of the Transformers multiverse. Scans …

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Review: More Than Meets the Eye #21 (Spoilers after the break.)

So we finally reach the end of the storyline “Remain in Light”, as well as the end of what has been referred to as Season One of More than Meets the Eye. It’s time to tie up the dangling storylines and plot points that remain in a nice bow, so we can move on into …

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In Stores Today – 9/25/2013

…EVERYTHING. Seriously, though, this is another week that hits hard, with More Than Meets The Eye #21, Robots In Disguise #21, and Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #5 all in stores today. Brace yourself, maybe stock up on hard liquor, and get yourself to the comic shop! Then check back her for a spoiler-filled review of …

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Amazon Updates With Official Pics of Generations Deluxes has updated their listings for the upcoming Deluxe toys of Skids, Goldfire, Waspinator, and Dreadwing from the Generations line to include official pictures! Each toy’s listing now shows the figure in package, in robot mode with the exclusive pack-in comic cover, and in vehicle mode. They also include what is most likely the package …

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TFCC Releases Mock-Up Images of Chromedome Figure

Though at this stage they’re just mock-ups, the Transformers Collectors’ Club has released images of the upcoming Subscription Service Chromedome figure. As we reported when the figure was first announced, it will have a head designed by Nick Roche and be available (along with Rewind!) as part of the second year of the Figure Subscription …

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Review: ReGeneration One #0 [Spoilers]

With Unicron killed and the Matrix spent, the universe as we know it has become unbalanced. Can a trip through time and space by Hot Rod set things right? The big draw of the one-off ReGeneration One #0 is the assortment of artists assembled to send Hot Rod on his journey: Casey Coller, Geoff Senior, …

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In Stores Today – 9/18/2013

Today the Comic Book Fairy brings us ReGeneration One #0, a one-shot special featuring an assortment of artists from throughout Transformers history, and the Robots in Disguise Vol. 4 trade. Go say hi to your Local Comic Shop folks and gird yourself for next week’s tear duct-shattering More Than Meets The Eye #21!

TFCC Shows Off Mock-Up Pics of Thrustinator

More news on the Transformers Figure Subscription Service front today as Fun Publications has posted mock-up picks of “Thrustinator”, the BW Waspinator/BM Thrust mash-up who debuted in comic preview pages yesterday. Rather than being any sort of extensive remold of a newer Waspinator figure (the resources for which are generally out of bounds for club …

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Amazon Japan Reveals High-Res Pics of G2 Masterpiece Sideswipe

In their listing for the toy, Amazon Japan has posted some very clear, high-resolution pictures of the upcoming G2 version of Masterpiece Sideswipe. These photos are of a handpainted prototype of the toy, but they show him with his signature giant stubby guns, spiked tires, machete-sword, and best of all giant freaking sneer from Derek …

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