Stasis Pod Episode 200: Minus One

The lab full of Predacons has been destroyed, but the Decepticons are still very enthusiastic about being terrible at the scientific method! But if they’re going to figure out how to stabilize synthetic Energon, they’re going to need someone who’s actually GOOD at science — they’re going to have to kidnap Ratchet! Meanwhile, the Autobots have managed to capture Soundwave, but is he trapped in there with them or are they etc. etc.? And will Smokescreen ever stop being the worst? Join us this week for “Minus One”!

Stasis Pod Episode 199: Evolution

The Decepticons realize they got more than they bargained for with their pet dragon as the self-declared “Predaking” starts making plans to take over the army of clones growing in Shockwave’s lab. Can they thwart his ambitions without turning his fire breath on them? Where will the Decepticons ever find someone who’s good at deceit and backstabbing? And can Ultra Magnus learn to fit in with Team Prime, or is he destined to always be Mean Dad? Join us this week for an “Evolution” revolution!

Superhuman Samurai Syber Pod Episode 10: Collapse

Unable to defeat Gridman, Shinjo spirals into depression and starts to question her own humanity, but Alexis Kerib still wants a kaiju — and the sad, half-finished one he brings to life hides a horrifying monster with the power of a teenage girl’s broken heart! It’s too powerful for Gridman, but can he stop it with a little help from… Gridknight? Does that kaiju look like a vagina to anyone else? And who want a poetry reading? This week we’re joined by Christine Love of Love Conquers All Games for the next-to-penultimate episode of SSSS.Gridman, “Collapse”!

Iacon Underground Patreon Special: Kemono Friends Episode 3

Scheduling has still been a mess, but we’ll soon be back to more-or-less normal with the next episode of Transformers Prime on Stasis Pod, a new episode of Iacon Underground Radio, and — most exciting of all! — an episode of Superhuman Samurai Syber Pod with guest host Christine Love from Love Conquers All Games! For now, enjoy an episode from our Patreon specials about Kemono Friends episode 3, “Mountain”!

Stasis Pod Episode 198: Thirst

Just in time for Halloween Season, we have a dark tale of mad science, desecrated corpses, and zombie-vampire-robots! When Starscream discovers Knock Out has been keeping Cylas around for experimentation, he suggests what they really need to add to his Synth En-fueled monster is Dark Energon! Is this the worst idea anyone has ever had? Does Knock Out even know how actual science works? And can they get things cleaned up before Daddy Megatron finds out? Join us this week for “Thirst”!

Stasis Pod Episode 197: Plus One

While Arcee talks to Wheeljack about his relationship problems over the deactivated corpses of some Vehicons, June Darby and Agent Fowler get kidnapped by Knock Out while trying to retrieve another Predacon fossil from a museum! Who’s shipping what, and who is so not comfortable being in a Greg Weisman episode? Join us this week for “Plus One”!

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